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WHAT? You want to go on the Bernstein Diet???

Recently I have been asked about my thoughts on the Bernstein Diet.  I do not endorse anything that I don’t believe in and  this is one program that I would not recommend to anyone – a program that only allows you to eat between 600 – 800 calories a day is INSANE.  I know many people who have  joined this program and YES they lost  a lot of weight but you know what – they gained it ALL back if not DOUBLE!!  It is super expensive and you have to go to the office 3x per week for B12 shots along with taking potassium supplements.

Dr. Stanley Bernstein’s diet program is medically supervised by nurses, and you have scheduled doctor appointments throughout your weight loss. This specific diet has a low-calorie intake with vitamin B shots three times a week. The diet only allows specific foods, and when your intake of food for the day is complete, you are not allowed to have more food, whether or not you are hungry. This could be dangerous since you may feel deprived or that you are starving yourself.

 Low PotassiumBernstein’s diet program is so limited that you lack many vitamins. This diet requires you to take potassium throughout your diet to help with your energy level. Potassium is an important mineral for the proper function of all cells, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. If you do not take potassium on this diet, you feel weak and tiredSide Effects of too much Potassium

The dangers of high potassium levels can be characterized by weakness, irregular heartbeat, weak & slow pulse rate, paralysis, and difficulty breathing.

Vitamin B12 Injections

On this diet, you receive three vitamin B12 injections each week. The needle is inserted under your fat in your abdomen or buttocks. There are some side effects that are not serious, including headaches, joint pain and an upset stomach. B12 can be dangerous if you have too much of a liquid form of it in your blood, which may cause you to have serious shakes. This is one reason why the diet is medically supervised.


Restricted Foods

The Bernstein diet has a limited list of foods that you are allowed to eat, according to its official website. The food choices are two proteins, two starches, two fruits and two vegetables. It is mandatory that you drink eight glasses of water a day on this diet. Portion sizes and selected foods will be on the food list when you join at the clinic. You may become weak and dizzy from the lack of food you are allowed per day on the diet.

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