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Cleanse and Fat Burning Update

Ahh, it’s finally warming up a bit but now we have the spring showers……….guess it’s better than snow.

Have been MIA, have a lot going on with some projects in the works and of course my day job as well 🙂

Things are going great with my 30 day cleansing and fat burning system.  Last time I weighed myself and am down 9lbs so far.  I’m trying not to weigh myself often but rather wait until the 30 days.  I hit a bit of a speed bump on the weekend, I indulged more than I should have.  Had a carrot loaf……….it’s healthy for your right….there are carrots in it! 🙂 Okay, well I’m back on track.  I have an event May 4 so I have to make sure I stick to it!

Last night my stove/oven was going nonstop.  I was cooking soaked beans, dehydrating sprouted buckwheat (groats), sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, had two batches of kale chips cooking……..boy it was hot in the kitchen.  Then made a green juice (celery, cucumber, romaine, spinach, cilantro, parsley) for myself……..hardly any calories but full of nutrients!!  Made an orange, beet, carrot juice for the hubby.  I love that he is fully on board …….but geez now I’m doing double the work. LOL  I haven’t had meat in about 2 1/2 months now and I feel great and honestly the thought of eating chicken or steak makes me want to vomit.  After watching several documentaries, my husband has completely revised his eating habits and cut back drastically on meat….I think he had it once last week and none so far this week and has cut back on gluten as well.  So my kids are eating vegetarian meals and they don’t even miss the meat.  We have made things like eggplant lasagna – I usually like to make it without noodles but because my kids would be eating it I used a few rice lasagna noodles, bean burritos, bean stews………and they eat it all.    Don’t get me wrong, I know my husband likes a good steak so I’m sure he will be having one soon.

I’ve been eliminating toxins from my home the last several months and have switched all of our shampoos, conditioners, body wash, cleaning products, dish soap, laundry soap….etc to non toxic items.  I have also stopped buying water bottles…….my oldest daughter has been taking her water around in mason jars.  They are great but not so convenient and if your drop it… out.  So I recently purchased a Sigg water bottle.  Not knowing much about them, I realized that it is aluminum with a coating on the inside.  On their website they don’t disclose what the ingredients are in the lining except that it’s safe.  That makes me a bit uneasy so I purchase Klean Kanteen water bottles for myself and kids.  They are stainless steel with not lining and will be much easier for my daughter to lug around than that clunky glass mason jar.




I hope everyone is taking steps to eliminate toxins from their home.

How Common Household Items Are Slowly Killing Us

Paraben’s are found in most soap, lotions, creams, hair products, cosmetics and many, many more household (for example, non stick frying pans and gardening products) and beauty products (check your bathroom and see what you can find). They are chemicals and are unnatural products which are toxic and carcinogenic. They are primarily used as a preservative. Paraben’s have xenoestrogens which have similar properties to estrogen (see above for soy/estrogen risk). Skin is the largest organ of the body and hair is the second, so imagine how much of these chemicals are being absorbed on a daily basis. Paraben’s are linked to cancers and disrupt the endocrinology system in both males and females.



Saturday 13th of April 2013

I have a Klean Kanteen for the work and gym. They're the best!


Thursday 11th of April 2013

What a great article! I recently have been SLLOOWWLLLYYY going through all my chemical products and replacing them web I need to with non-toxic, organic, and animal-cruelty free products. I hire a maid service, and they use Essential oils to clean my house instead of harmful toxins. I just switched my shampoos and conditioners, and my toothpaste. I have already switched my soaps, lotion, teas, diets, and laundry soap. Now dish washer soap, and hair products. I don't wear makeup, so I don't even worry about that one.

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