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Did I Leave Visalus??

I just wanted to answer the question for all that have asked if I am still with Visalus.

It has weighed heavily on my heart and mind and after careful consideration, lots of thought and research, I have decided to step back from Visalus. I am grateful for each and every one of you whom I’m so honored to have met along this Journey. I have met so many amazing people and hope that these friendships continue.

I have grown so much personally and have learned so much about leadership and thank the leaders and Visalus for that. I am so grateful for the friends, the leadership, support, and encouragement received from everyone.

I am following my heart and I need to stand true and honest to myself and my beliefs and integrity. Always do what is right for you – it is important to stay true to who you are.

Life is a journey and I am still committed to changing lives, to becoming my best self, to never settle for less and to spreading the word of good health!!!

One life, one body – make both amazing!!

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