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Eco friendly House Cleaning Products

Green your Home


Eco friendly House Cleaning Products

Baking soda

Acts as a scrub to remove hard water stains; polishes metal; deodorizes pretty much anything it touches (try stashing some in the fridge).

Deodorizes and cuts grease on counter tops; rubbed on cutting boards, it bleaches stains and disinfects; combined with baking soda, it removes stains from plastic food storage containers.


Another natural scrubber—sprinkle it on cookware or oven surfaces, then rub; add citrus juice to turn it into an effective rust remover.

White vinegar

Deodorizes and disinfects; combine with water (and a little liquid soap—I know, it feels like cheating) to clean windows, mirrors, and floors; use at full strength in a spray bottle to fight mold and mildew.


Olive Oil

Mix two parts oil with one part lemon juice and use as a natural wood polish. (Save the really good stuff for dinner.)

All Natural purpose cleaner

In a squeeze bottle, mix 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/8 cup bicarbonate of soda. Add 1 liter water. Label this bottle, ‘All purpose cleaner.’

Use this to keep your bathroom fixtures and shower panels free from soap scum and hard water deposits. Spray on the toilet handle and light switch covers. Use in the kitchen to clean the sink, work surfaces and knobs.

All natural Wooden floor cleaner

In a spray bottle, combine 1 part white vinegar with one part water. Add 5 drops pure lemon essential oil, 2 drops pure tea tree oil and 5 drops pure lavender essential oil. Label this bottle, ‘Floor cleaner.’

Safe and effective Glass cleaner

In a spray bottle, mix one part white vinegar with one part water. Label the bottle, ‘Glass cleaner.’

Use this product to shine mirrors and windows.

Air Freshener/surface cleaner

Fill a spray bottle with water and add 6 drops pure lavender essential oil, 6 drops pure lemon essential oil and 1 drop of pure tea tree essential oil. Label this bottle, ‘Air freshener.’

Shake well and use as an air freshener whenever you want to remove smells or add a subtle fragrance to your home. This product is an effective cleaner for kitchen work surfaces, the dining table or even to clean sticky hands! All of the oils are antibacterial, so spray liberally around if anyone in your home is ill.

Hopefully this has inspired you to have a go at making one or two green household cleaning products yourself. It’s a great way for you to teach your children about respecting their health, the environment and your family home. Not to mention the amount of money you will save over time by no longer buying conventional cleaning products!

Your house will be clean, safe, and you will dramatically reduce the indoor air pollution in your home which can result in improved health for you and your family.




Thursday 28th of February 2013

LOVE THIS post! Ok... I love most of your posts! I am a HUGE fan of chucking the poisons out... but then I feel like I'm wasting money. So, I'm using all the extra cleaning products I have, and then NEVER BUYING them again!!

I use essentials oils to clean - lemon a LOT. I also like Thieves (Young Living natural antibiotic/antibacterial cleaner) and it comes in a cleaner. If you/your kids/ your animals accidentally drink it, all it's going to do is probably make you burp thieves! Obviously, you shouldn't drink it, but it's a lot safer than the poisons in cleaning products.

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