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She's Gone Vegan-ista!!

Do you ever feel like you’re in a funk?? I can’t explain it but I felt like I needed a change. Hormones out of whack, feeling sluggish…..I felt like I needed some sort of reset button.

So this came at the right time……

My friend VeggiLover (follow her here) recommended I read the book Eat to Live ……….highly recommended. Wow – I get to eat fruit again!!


When you say you are vegan this is what people think you eat


Yes, I have been eating more greens of all kinds. I simply replaced all the animal protein I was having with a plant source and upped my veggie and fruit intake. I stopped counting calories and am eating until I am full. Let me show you how……….


So for the same amount of calories I am eating way more. The amazing thing is my sugar cravings have vanished.

My protein sources have been mainly beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and hemp hearts. Anything soy right now kind of freaks me out unless its in its natural state so I’m staying away from that.

It’s only day 10 and this has been eye opening. I have watched a few documentaries that I would recommend you watch regardless of if you are thinking of eliminating animal protein from your diet. You do want to know where your food comes from right? Do you want to know what is in your food? I would start with Fresh, the Movie. This isn’t geared to vegetarians but is an educational documentary of where your food comes from and what is in it. This is a great start. I would recommend the following as well:

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


Forks Over Knives

I’m sure there are many more. If you know of any let me know.

So my family is still eating animal protein but we have already cut back on our meat consumption so this hasn’t been a hard transition for me. They will have their “meat” dinner and I just substitute the meat for a bean and add tons of veggies. Recently they have been eating whatever I made. They ate my bean burritos, bean chile, eggplant lasagna……….and they liked it.

Recently my 14 year old sent me this and said I had to watch it Best Speech you will ever hear then she proceeded to tell me that the honey we have is bee vomit………..oh, ok.

Is this something I am going to stick to or is it just a fad??? Honestly, I don’t know. I do like the taste of meat but I don’t like what’s in it, how they treat the animals, and the illnesses that it is causing and have been totally turned off. Can I totally give up meat? I totally think I can. The health benefits of not eating meat are too strong to ignore. Here is a comparison chart of proteins because I know people will be asking where are you getting your protein…….

It is not merely consuming too much fat that causes diseases. It is not merely eating empty-calorie foods or the high consumption of animal foods, such as milk, cheese, butter, meat, and chicken that causes premature deaths in America. It is also what we are missing in our diets by not eating enough plant foods. Why are plant foods so protective and essential for human health?

Let’s compare the nutrient density of meat to the nutrient density of green vegetables to illustrate this important point.


I think I’m going to be eating more broccoli and kale…….what do you think?

I find this all fascinating………what do you think?

I am not eating this way to lose weight. I have decided to eat this way to be healthy. I think that is the problem…….we are so wrapped around fad diets, losing weight that we lose sight of what really matters……your health. Without it, you have nothing.

and…….my journey continues……..

Stay tuned for more on my adventures of going vegan-ista! 🙂

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