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Have you had your 9 servings of vegetables today??

This is what I have been adding to my smoothies. Enjoy the health benefits of 5.5 POUNDS of organic vegetables in each scoop of Organic Earth Greens! Our bodies are designed to absorb nutrition most effectively from supplements developed from organic whole foods. Organic vegetation naturally co-factors all necessary vitamins & minerals. Co-factoring is essential; …

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BEET me up!

Beets, these ruby red root vegetables provide so much nutritional benefits! Who doesn’t love the deep red color that beets provide. Here are 6 nutritional benefits of beets! 1. Betacyanin Betcyanin is a type of pigment that ranges from dark red to purple. Betacyanin is being studied for it’s anticancer and tumor fighting effects. It’s …

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Yummy Kale Chips

Wash, dry and chop up kale in small pieces, add about 1 TB olive oil add some sea salt – make sure they are all covered – bake on a cookie sheet at 375 for about 10 min – until crunchy – yummy

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