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I Think I Found My Lashes – Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara Review

I am on a quest to find my lashes.  Seriously, not sure if it’s an age thing but I feel like my lashes have shrunk…..are non existent.  I use to have long, full lashes…….what happened to them? Oh, and don’t even get me started on my eye brows 🙁

I have seen a few reviews on Charlotte Tilbury cosmetic and beauty products and heard wonderful things about their Full Fat Lashes (OMG – that is exactly what I am looking for)  that I had to give it a try.

The packaging is so pretty and sleek.

I purchased this mascara at the new Nordstrom store at the Toronto Eaton Centre location.

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes 5 Star Mascara in Glossy Black which Charlotte Tilbury describes as ‘the best mascara in the world’ ,  do I agree? Let’s find out.

The description on the website is very fun and enticing…..

“Darlings, I have spent my entire life searching for the ultimate mascara – they’re a bit like men – you think you need 5 to keep you satisfied but actually you are really looking for ‘The One’. My original, best-selling and award-winning 5-in-1 mascara is a super luxe, multi-tasker that creates the perfect ‘Full Fat Lash’ offering curl, separation, volume, length, and drama! Some things in life just look better full fat – this includes your lashes – your search for ‘The One’ is over!”

  • The 5-grooved brush deposits the optimal line of mascara along the lash line, pushing your lashes up and out
  • Creates a three-dimensional flutter
  • Fine-tipped bristles catch every lash, no matter how short or fine, coating them in black brilliance
  • The glossy black formula creates full-on, voluptuous lashes that don’t drop onto your cheeks
  • The maximum bristle count covers every lash to the very tip, to create the perfect flutter
  • Ideal for finely separated and naturally-defined feather lashes

Application Tips

• Curl lashes with Eyelash Curlers.

• Brush on FULL FAT LASHES mascara, starting from the inner corner. Zig-zag the brush upwards from the very root of the lashes to curl and separate.

• At the outer corner, pull the brush up and out to lengthen the lashes and elongate your eye.

• To finish, nestle the tip of the mascara wand into the roots and brush upwards to add volume to the lash line, as if you were adding individual falsies. Repeat on the bottom lashes for added drama.


The Verdict

The Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes is a beautiful formula with a beautiful wand that does beautiful things to my lashes.

I always start off with curling my eyelashes (I think I have finally found an eyelash curler that actually works) otherwise my lashes look like they don’t even exist.  I applied the Full Fat mascara starting at the base of my lashes and brushed upwards.

You can clearly see the difference.  The right with mascara applied and the left without.  I only applied the mascara to my top lashes.


This is a great mascara. It is a good dark black color. I definitely get good separation and length after only one coat, but I have to put on at least 2 coats to get more curl and some volume. It does not clump or smudge.

OMG look how long my eyelashes are!!

Full Fat Lashes can be purchased on the Charlotte Tilbury boutique for $34 CAD, Holt Renfrew for $34 CAD, or any Nordstrom location.

Have you tried this mascara? I’d love to know your experience –  leave them in the comments below 🙂

Stay BeYoutiful xoxo


Tuesday 22nd of November 2016

Beautiful! I love love love the description! :)) And it looks great! I haven't tried anything CT just yet, but I feel I will very soon :)


Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

I'm loving the CT products - I'm sure you will too.


Tuesday 15th of November 2016

Oh wow yes! You can totally tell the difference. Such a good product and buy!!! I always find that I have to curl my lashes before and after otherwise, like you said, they're non existent. I luckily have long lashes but it doesn't really even help or do anything without volume or curling them! I feel like I need to try this one now.

One that I use that I've noticed a significant change in is the "Two-Faced Better than Sex" mascara. Everyone raves about it so I finally decided to spend the money on it and get it, and viola- i have lashes haha.

xo, JJ

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