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Joey’s Happy Hour Toronto

We decided to head out to Joey’s Restaurant for the Joey’s happy hour menu.  A happy hour menu is very rare in Toronto.  I had no idea that Joey Happy Hour even existed.

Joey’s Happy Hour

Joey’s Restaurant Menu

  • Hawaiian Tuna Taco
  • Sushi Taco
  • Sliders Royal

Joey Happy Hour Toronto

We immediately ordered our drinks.  I had the Sangria and my husband had the Muskoka Craft Lager. At $4 each, you can’t go wrong.

Joey Happy Hour Toronto

I wasn’t extremely hungry so I decided to just stick to the Joey happy hour menu and save room for dessert 🙂

I ordered a slider and the Sushi Cone.  The Joey happy hour menus are not full-size items like some other happy hours.  The portions are a small appetizer size.  So if you have a big appetite then this will definitely be a starter.

Sliders Royale

Hand-pressed patty, secret sauce, pickles, American cheese

The burger was very juicy and the baked cheese on the burger gave it that extra flavor.

Sushi Cone

Tempura prawn, avocado, spicy mayo, tobiko

The sushi cone was delicious as well.  It is rice paper filled with rice, tempura prawn, avocado, some veggies and spicy mayo.  It is a nice light appetizer.

Joey Happy Hour Toronto

My husband’s appetite is much more robust so he ordered a full menu item.

Steak Frites

CAB® PRIME sirloin, parsley butter, rocket greens, fries

The steak was juicy and tender.

We ordered more drinks before happy hour was over and decided to have dessert.

Molten Chocolate Cake

fresh raspberries, nitro vanilla ice cream

This was delicious.  A nice warm, gooey molten chocolate cake paired with vanilla ice cream and fresh raspberries was the perfect end to our dinner.

Look how gooey this cake is.


Did you know that there is a Joey happy hour?  Have ever been to a JOEY restaurant? What would you recommend?

Hmm, where are we going to eat next ………..

Bon appetite!



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