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Love Blogging Brunch at Planta

Hello lovelies,

I was invited to a bloggers brunch on the weekend.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to be included in this brunch.  I have been following Rebeca  on Instagram for months.  Her energy and love exudes from her posts.  She is super supportive and always there to answer any questions.  I love that she set up a bloggers brunch to bring local bloggers together to form a community.  We are in this all together and it is amazing to finally meet the people you are following online in person.  The funny thing is, when you introduce yourself to a blogger you have to state your name and Instagram name…….everyone knows each other by their Instagram handle.

The brunch was held at Planta in Toronto.  Planta (just like the name states) is a plant-based restaurant.  They are committed to using high quality products from ethical suppliers.


The menu was wonderful.  We had a wide selection of different menu items such as Avocado Toast, Smoothie Bowls, Cauliflower Tots, Kale Caesar, The Bianca Pizza, Sweet Mess, and a great dessert selection.


Smoothie Bowl with Chia seed & coconut pudding mango, rawnola


Avocado Toast and Smoothie Bowls

What was even more amazing than all the great food, was all the amazing company.  The wonderful thing at a blogger lunch is that it was understood that no one was supposed to touch the food until we each took our food photos.


Kale Caesar Salad


The Bianca Pizza



Sweet Mess


Desserts were all delicious


Umm, no we did not plan these outfits


We all left with a good bag and a vase of fresh flowers.  The goodie bag has some amazing products.  The most exciting item is this amazing watch from Nicole Vienna. I absolutely love this watch.  I love the minimalistic Scandinavian design and the black marble-patterned dial.


Look at all of these amazing items that we received.

This beautiful Kimono from La Vie en Rose, Nordstrom canvas bag, belif aqua bomb, Posh Pyramid Soap from Vobathco, bronzer from Essence Cosmetics,  a cute greeting card from ohmyinspired, a brightening face mask from The Face Shop.   There was also a photographer Brook Wedlock she took some amazing photos.  Can’t wait to go through them all.  I hope I’m not forgetting anyone.


Thank you so much Rebeca for hosting an amazing bloggers brunch. I can’t wait until the next one!!



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