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Our Visit to Nordstrom Toronto Eaton Centre 

I missed the opening of  the Nordstrom at the Toronto Eaton Centre.  Our plan this  weekend was to take the subway (because some genius decided to close the Gardiner all weekend for maintenance) to the Eaton Centre for lunch at the new Nordstrom store – check it out and then head up to Yorkdale to see the new Nordstrom store there.  Another genius at the TTC decided to close the subway line from St. George to Lawrence – the route to Yorkdale so we didn’t end up going to Yorkdale.  I think the Ministry of Transportation should get their act together………don’t close both the highway and a subway line at the same time.  No one wants to take the 401 – if you live in Toronto, you know what I’m talking about – gridlock!!!

We made it to the Eaton Centre at 11:00am and entered through the back entrance.  Everything was sparkly and new and I didn’t know where to look first.  I was mesmerized.  We entered through the shoe and bag section.  I quickly made my way to the cosmetics section…..the bright lights were luring me that way 🙂

If you love cosmetics and perfume, you are going to absolutely love it here.  I could of literally spent all day walking up and down the cosmetic isles.  All the sales associates were all very welcoming and friendly.  Everyone was asking if they could help me.  One thing that immediately caught my eye were the signs that said try it before you buy it… could ask for a sample of almost anything and you will not get that snobby “oh we don’t have samples” look or reply.  I think this is amazing for a higher end store to offer samples on cosmetic items.  Personally, if I’m going to be spending $100 on skin care or foundation, I would like to take a few days worth home to give it a try to actually see if I like it.  Who wants to go through the hassle of returning something.  I think some of the higher end stores should take note and do the same instead of telling you they don’t have samples and locking them up in the vault otherwise you will be losing your sales to Sephora.

How stunning is this Chanel section!  It’s all in the details.


I walked through the Laura Mercier isle and chatted with Needra.  She colour matched me for a foundation for my skin tone.  She gave me a few days worth of foundation along with a sample of their primer.  She was so friendly and took the time to answer any questions about any of the products.  There was no pushy sales and I did not feel obligated to buy anything.

Needra let me know of up coming beauty events and handed me her business card.  She said to contact her if I had any questions.  Honestly,  I don’t remember getting this type of service at any cosmetic counter.  The service is something that really sticks out for me.  Nordstrom has nailed it……….people always remember the way you made them feel.  Needra, along with all the other staff made me feel very welcome.

It was time to head up for lunch…….my husband summoned me upstairs.  He knows I could get lost in the beauty section 🙂

The lighting around the escalators is so pretty.

I took the escalator up and as I reached the 2nd floor I noticed a bar – bar habitat directly in front of me.  The second floor was the men’s and children’s section.  How brilliant!!  A bar for the men to sit and wait as their wives shop.  Let’s face it, I don’t know too many men that are patient when it comes to shopping.  I always feel rushed.  Now, if he’s sitting at the bar and relaxing and enjoying a drink I think I would feel a little more at ease and not have to rush.

We headed up to the 3rd floor to Bar Verde.  Did you know that Bar Verde uses local, sustainable, natural and organic foods?  As per their website:

That’s why we’re committed to bringing you local, sustainable, natural and organic foods and environmentally friendly products whenever and wherever we can, like:

• milk that’s free from BGH • cage free eggs • organic greens • gestation crate free pork • organic and fairtrade coffee selections • products free from hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats or oils • wild salmon

We’ve committed ourselves to the reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy in all of our restaurants and specialty coffee bars, ranging from: • full composting and recycling programs • 100% compostable, biodegradable paper hot cups • napkins made using 100% post-consumer waste, free from bleach and dyes • carryout packaging made with 100% recycled paperboard Even the menu you are holding is part of the solution; the paper is generated with at least 30% post-consumer waste.

How amazing is that!

The hostess was warm and friendly.  We were seated at the window seat.

This was our view.

The restaurant is modern and laid back..

I was going to start with a glass of wine but at $14-18 per glass, I decided on a cocktail instead.

I decided to order the Vine Street – tito’s vodka, rose wine, fresh lime juice, muddled grapes, mint, prosecco splash @ 12

This is a refreshing light drink.  My husband ordered a beer.

I decided to order the WILD SALMON WITH WHITE BEAN & KALE *  zucchini, tomato, smoked ham hock, melon, cilantro

OMG!  This dish was absolutely amazing.  The salmon was cooked to perfection.  It was crispy and flaky on the outside and moist on the inside. The wild salmon sat on top of the white beans and kale.  The white beans had smoked ham hock which gave it a really nice smokey flavor.  The best beans I have ever had.

Look how delicious.

Can’t wait to dig in!

My husband ordered the SKIRT STEAK SALSA VERDE *  heirloom potatoes, seasonal squash, green beans, shiitake mushrooms.  As you can see, he was very impatient as I took a picture of his meal.

The steak was delicious as well.


There was art work everywhere.  I felt like I was in an art gallery.  This art work was made with old measuring tapes.  How cool is that!

Modern seating area.

A comfortable lounge to rest when you get tired of shopping 🙂

Another wonderful seating area for people watching.

Fabulous artwork

How stunning is this?

There was art work throughout the entire store.

The Ebar Artisan Coffee shop is located at the main entrance of the store.


Kudos, Nordstrom!!  This store is absolutely stunning – no detail was missed.  We had exceptional service and everyone went above and beyond to help make our shopping experience pleasant. Everyone was approachable, warm and friendly.  The other higher end stores need to take note as people will always remember how you made them feel.

If you are visiting the Toronto Eaton Centre, can I suggest that you forgo the food court at lunch and head up to the 3rd floor of Nordstrom to the Bar Verde.  Yes, it will cost you a bit more than a Subway sandwich but it will be well worth it.

Welcome to Canada Nordstrom……….looking forward to visiting the Yorkdale Nordstrom location soon.

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Tuesday 25th of October 2016

Ooh you actually ate there! There was a line-up when I visited. I did not go to Nordstrom with the SO because he would have rushed me out! Love all your photos. I feel weird taking photos with strangers in it so I'm always waiting until the place clears or if they have their backs turned! :lol: PS. Nordstrom had the nerve to open in Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver before Toronto! Can you believe it? They opened the Calgary location in 2014! Don't they know Toronto is the center of the universe?!! :P


Wednesday 26th of October 2016

It was really busy so there was no way of taking a picture without people in it.......unless I asked them to move lol Yes, the food was delicious. I was there with my husband and he wanted to rush me out of the cosmetic department too lol Wow, I can't believe they didn't open here first....we are the center of the universe :)


Monday 24th of October 2016

OH My don't even get me started on Nordstrom!!!! Def a favorite of mine. I always manage to find myself on their online website shopping and looking for sales ha the store looks awesome not anything like the Nordstroms here you guys ar spoiled over there😉


Tuesday 25th of October 2016

It is gorgeous!


Monday 24th of October 2016

Looks fantastic!! Great post! Thanks for sharing! Thinking about going to one in Yorkdale this week - will see :)


Tuesday 25th of October 2016

Hope to make it out to Yorkdale this weekend as well.

Cat Forsley

Monday 24th of October 2016

BEAUTIFUL store xxxx was just there on the weekend xo great post


Monday 24th of October 2016

OMG don't you love it!! Thank you xo

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