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Top Paris Food You Must Indulge In

If you are heading to Paris here are the top Paris food items you must eat.

When it comes to food, France and Italy are number one. French food is loved all over the world. You can get most of these food items at home but you will have to go on a trip to Paris to enjoy the local, fresh Parisian food.

What are some of the top Parisian food items? Every country has its own cuisine, like the traditional food in Austria that you should also try if you visit as well as traditional Jamaica Food while in Jamaica.

I love exploring a new destination through local food. Nothing is better than a local food tour to explore all the deliciousness a destination has to offer.

If you are a foodie then you are going to love the foods in Paris selection. Nothing is better than a freshly baked baguette or a fresh, buttery croissant. France not only has beautiful cities but will have you filling your belly with all the delicious food in Paris.

You can seriously forget about dieting while eating Paris food. Calories don’t count when you are on vacation. Some of my most memorable trips revolve around food. I never felt bad or bloated while indulging in the foods in Paris.

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Join a Food Tour In Paris

One of the best ways to try all the foods in Paris is to take a Paris food tour. This is the best way to enjoy a city and a great way to try local food in Paris. This 2-hour market tour will take you through the bustling market culture of Paris or take this Macaron Class at Galeries Lafayette and learn how to bake macarons, the classic French pastry.

food in paris

Top Parisian Food You Must Try

Here are some suggested Parisian food dishes to try while in Paris. You can’t visit Paris without trying fresh croissants, macarons, crepes, and freshly baked croissants. Let’s not forget the eclairs. Let’s see if you can stop at just one!

Parisian Macarons – Paris Food

Paris Food - Parisian food

Claudia Tavani of My Adventures Across The World

When it comes to Paris food, macarons are an absolute must-try. This is the quintessential French sweet and with a few additions, it can become a fabulous, decadent dessert.

Macarons are sweet meringues made with egg white, icing and granulated sugar, almost flour and food coloring. Two biscuits are usually put one against the other and kept together by whichever filling one can think of.

These sweets aren’t very durable – they go off a couple of days after having been made and are best kept in the fridge. One more reason to eat them while in Paris!

Several shops around Paris sell macarons. You will definitely walk by a few of them during your trip. They are proper, colorful boutiques that will entice you to walk in and stuff your face. Among the most popular places in Paris for macarons there are Ladurée – literally an institution of which you will find several shops around town; and Pierre Hermé, which according to many serves better macarons than its opponents.

Macarons are such a popular sweet that there even macarons cooking classes – they can even be booked online.  

For a truly delicious dessert made of macarons, reserve a food experience at Frenchy Taste, a private restaurant located on 74 Rue de Vertbois. The chef Jean-Yves, the winner of Masterchef 2012, puts together a fabulous dinner using local ingredients and finishes it with a freshly baked macaron stuffed with a cream made with mascarpone cheese. It’s illegally delicious.

Eat Real French Onion Soup – Delicious Paris Food

Food in Paris french onion soup

Janine of Get Out with Kids

There are so many options for great Parisienne food. The French really know how to do food well. Although I have been to Paris a number of times, I had never eaten on Ave des Champs Elysee, always determining that my budget couldn’t stretch that far. 

However, on our last visit to Paris, I found an affordable, delicious meal that was budget-friendly and right on Ave des Champs Elysee. French Onion soup in a bread bowl!

It is a great meal that really does fill you up and with Paris’ unpredictable weather, it certainly is a good meal as a winter warmer (or a summer warmer when they are having terrible weather!) Not only that but the kid loved it too!

When made well, and served efficiently, the soup does not make the bowl go soggy. It should be served warm, but not too hot and we like it with cheese melted on the top. Some places give you the top of the bread bowl as well to use to dip into the soup!

The best French Onion Soup I have had was at Bistro des Champs and yes, it might have been a tourist restaurant, but it was good and affordable and my son also loved it. For us, it was a delicious win!

Escargots – Must Try Paris Food

paris food escargots

Pauline of BeeLoved City

No trip to France would be complete without eating (or at least trying) escargots. 

Although this might not be to your liking, in terms of food, eating escargots is as french as it gets! As a matter of fact, France is the worldwide number one consumer of snails. The French love their snails and they sure do know how to cook them! They are a generally festive dish eaten at Christmas, Easter or important family dinners.

Escargots are usually eaten as a starter. Most restaurants in Paris offer them as part of their lunch menu. They will come in a tray of 6 or 12 units.

The most famous (and best) version is escargots à la bourguignonne. Commonly this is what you will find on menus. If it just says “Escargots”, you can assume they’re prepared à la bourguignonne. 

In this recipe, snails are purged, removed from their shells. They are then put back in and stuffed with garlic and parsley butter. A few minutes in the oven and voila!

Another famous snail recipe is Escargots a la bordelaise (cooked in red wine). That said, it’s more common to find this in South West France.

Personally, I’m crazy about them! They are one of my favorite dishes and I can only recommend them. However, if you never tried them before here is what to expect or what not to expect. Firstly, they are not gooey or slimy! Cooked right, they have a soft and chewy consistency.

You can chew them or just swallow them like an oyster. Up to you. The snails themselves don’t have a strong taste however the consistency is a bit of a hit or miss.

Paris is unexpectedly one of the best places in France to try this unique delicacy. It will give you a proper taste of the local and classic french cuisine. After all, you think France, you think Escargot!

Indulge in a Paris Brest

Paris Food Paris Brest

Lena Drevermann of Salut from Paris

Paris is not only famous for high-density insights, famous landmarks, and outstanding art – it’s also known to be a paradise for foodies.

When attempting to eat your way through Paris, you clearly need a plan – and a bucket list. An item that should not be missing on any Paris food bucket list is a Paris-Brest. 

Maybe you have never heard this name before but once you’ve tried this pastry, you’ll surely never forget how yummy it is. The history of how it was created is a bit unusual. To commemorate the Paris – Brest – Paris bicycle race, the pâtissier Louis Durand created a wheel round puff pastry filled with praline flavored butter creme.

It became quickly popular amongst the racers, mainly due to its energizing effect due to its high caloric value. Well… it clearly isn’t a light snack but someone once said: “it doesn’t matter if it tastes good”.

Today you can buy a Paris-Brest in most bakeries and patisseries all over Paris, but don’t be surprised if you don’t find it wheel-shaped – they exist now in many forms. But no matter the shape, be prepared to try something utterly delicious. 

Croque Monsieur a Parisian Food Classic

Paris Food

Anna from Would Be Traveller

Croque Monsieur is the French lunch of champions, and a must-eat while you’re in Paris. It’s a hot toasted sandwich, traditionally made with ham, cheese and béchamel sauce in between two slices of bread, before being topped with another layer of béchamel sauce and cheese.

It’s then toasted under the grill or fried in a frying pan, thereby elevating the humble ham and cheese sandwich to an oozy, gooey, cheesy heaven on a plate. One of the best places to find a Croque Monsieur in Paris is La Fontaine de Bellville, a bistro just a few minutes’ walks from Gare du Nord.

The Croque Monsieur here is simple but effective, with crunchy bread and top quality ingredients. They even give you a side salad to make you feel a little bit better about your decadent choice of lunch. Other options include Le Petit Cler and La Comete, both of which serve their Croque Monsieur on one long piece of bread rather than as a stacked sandwich. 

There are a number of different variations on the traditional Croque Monsieur, including Croque Madame, which is also filled with ham and cheese but also topped with a fried egg for extra protein. For any vegetarians visiting Paris, there are a number of cafes that serve veggie versions, including Fric Frac, with both vegetarian and vegan options available at their two locations, and La Galette des Moulins, a bakery in Montmartre.

The delicious vegetarian Croque Vegetarian replaces the ham with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, which give extra texture and flavor. Parisian cafes Noglu and Le Cairn Coffee Shop also serve wheat-free versions, meaning everyone gets to try this French specialty! 

Try a Creamy Eclair or Two – The Ultimate Paris Food

Paris Food Eclairs

Jaemye Brandon of Time Zone Travelers

Everyone raves about the famous macarons in Paris, but the real unsung dessert hero is the éclair! You can find some of the best éclairs in Paris at L’eclair De Genie.

When you first walk into the store, you’ll be blown away by how gorgeous these desserts are. They’re almost too pretty to eat…almost.

They have flavors like chocolate, lemon, salted caramel, passion fruit, pistachio, raspberry, and chocolate and marshmallow. If you can think it, there’s a good chance the flavor is here.

L’eclair De Genie is on the pricier side, but these cream stuffed pastries are worth it! I recommend you order the mini-four pack, as it comes with four of their most popular flavors.

Unfortunately, they offer very little seating, so you might not be able to sit down in the restaurant to eat. However, you can take your eclairs to-go, and eat them in front of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, or any other famous Paris landmark. How much better can life be when you’re staring at the Eiffel Tower with an éclair in your hand?!

L’eclair De Genie can be found in multiple locations around Paris. Be sure you add a stop (or two) to Paris itinerary!

Indulge in Some Crêpes

Crepes food in paris Paris Food- Parisienne food

Elisa from Food in Paris

Crêpes are one of the best things to eat in Paris and in all of France! Crêpes are so popular in France that there’s even the Crêpes Day, on 2nd February when everybody likes to eat crêpes. If you are visiting Paris during the Crêpes Day, be sure to book in a crêperie well in advance, especially at dinner time.

Crêpes are originally from Brittany but Parisians adopted them very soon and today going to a crêperie or preparing crêpes at home (with the right tools) are two popular activities to do with friends or family.

In the past, the best crêpes in Paris were found around the Montparnasse train station. This was the point of arrival of many Brittons emigrating to Paris in the quest for better job opportunities.

The new arrivals settled around the train station and opened the first crêperiees in the French capital selling basic, but yummy crêpes for a few cents. Some of these former crêperies, especially around Rue Odessa, are still working.

Crêpes are sweet, based on wheat flour, and they are usually eaten as a dessert with yummy things like ice cream, honey, Nutella or whip cream (Chantilly in French).

There is also a salty version, called galette, based on buckwheat flour. Galettes are usually eaten as a main course with things like cheese, ham, eggs and a little bit of salad.

With crêpes, people usually drink coffee or hot chocolate whilst galettes are best paired with a glass of cider, also typical from Brittany.

Eat a Freshly Baked Baguette

Paris Food- Parisienne food

Noel from Travel Photo Discovery

If you are visiting Paris, the one must-try food to have every morning if not all day is a fresh baguette from a local baker which seems to be almost at every block in the city. Nothing beats a fresh and hot baguette that you can pick up eaten fresh or with some French cheese or butter or really anything that you can find made in France.

One of my all-time favorite French bakeries for amazing French baguettes is Eric Kaiser Boulangerie always nominated and have won the best baguettes and pastries in Paris and really it is too die for. If you are also looking for amazing pastries this is definitely the boulangerie to go to and enjoy a nice indulgence.

There are many Eric Kaiser Boulangeries all around Paris, so you can easily Google all the sites where his shops are located and have a fantastic foodie experience and then find a market to get more yummies to add to your eating experience outdoors or a cool and chic vista of the city.

If you are exploring more of the cool places and things to do around the city, check out my post here on spending a perfect day in Paris for more inspiration, images and planning an amazing day in the city. And visit an Eric Kaiser Boulangerie for tasting the best of baguettes that the city is well known for.

Try Some Tasty Fois Gras

Paris Food- Parisienne food

Chris from Chris Travel Blog

Foie gras is a dish you simply must try if you’re in Paris. It translates to goose liver and is served in various ways. There are currently animal-friendly versions (yes!) of foie gras on the market as well so there is no reason to not try it. It is served in plenty of restaurants around Paris. My favorites are “Il était une oie dans le Sud-Ouest” and “Le Petit Canard”.

It comes in various ways but personally I love the fried one best. As a starter or a course between main courses. It doesn’t taste like chicken liver; it’s different and very smooth. The best I ever had was fried foie gras on top of steak tartar. Simply delicious!

It often comes with plum compote, pomegranate seeds or even in a small stove. As said, many restaurants in Paris serve foie gras so go and check your favorite.

Last time when I was in Paris, I continued south for a South France road trip. I even bought foie gras at “Foie Gras Godard” and baguettes for the lunch break! A course with foie gras is something you must try in Paris.

Eat Buttery Croissants in Paris

Paris Food- Parisienne food

Sara from Out Voyaging

These glistening, caramel-colored crescents that melt in your mouth like butter are the ultimate Parisian delight. You should not waste one day in Paris without enjoying a croissant from a local patisserie, they’re like a right of passage when it comes to Paris food.

The perfect breakfast or afternoon snack, these flaky, butter-layered pastries are a mouthwatering refreshment. Accompanied by an espresso, or a freshly squeezed juice- this treat can be enjoyed any time of day. 

Croissants have been a staple in French bakeries for centuries, and the intricate process of layering the dough with butter has long been perfected by the Parisians. Enhanced with chocolate or almond paste- they can make for a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth. However, they’re most commonly enjoyed in their buttery and delicious original state. 

Paris if full of incredible bakeries that offer delectable croissants, so best to go explore! If you need some inspiration on where to start in your search for the best croissant in Paris check these places out:

  • Patisserie Stohrer (51 Rue Montorgueil, 75002): Sharing mouth-watering croissants since 1730, this is the oldest croissant shop in Paris! Nestled in on the charming Rue Montorgueil, you’ll definitely leave here full of bliss and Parisian inspiration.
  • Du Pain et des Idées (34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010): Well-known for having the best croissants in Paris. A popular gem, but a croissant at Du Pain et des Idées is worth the wait. Perfectly buttery, flaky and balanced with just a hint of salt…they’re truly irresistible.
  • Blé Sucré (7 Rue Antoine Vollon, 75012): Cozy and scenic, Blé Sucré is a welcoming, world-class patisserie. Full of delicious treats, you’ll have plenty of options if you’d like a sweet madeline to accompany your croissant for the full Parisian experience. 

There you have it, now go explore Paris food and report back with where you found your favorite croissant!

Tarte aux Fraises

Paris Food

Rai from A Rai of Light

When in Paris, indulging in desserts and cakes is the norm. Not just any desserts, however. The Tarte aux fraises is a classic French dish that you will find in almost every boulangerie across the country.

Think of layers of fine pastry cream spread over a crumbly, sweet-tart shell and topped with strawberries placed in concentric circles. The bright red glaze produces a sheen on the final product that is both fresh and sweet. Originating in the country in the 19th century, these desserts are a treat to the eye and the taste buds.

Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of strawberry tart in general, but there’s just something about the ones in Paris. They come in lots of flavors, topped with colorful fruit and garnished with lovely ornamentation as works of art that is popular at the end of a festive lunch or dinner. It is also great at teatime. Fortunately, it is readily available to enjoy them at any time of the day.

Waffles from Le Comptoir Belge

Paris Food

Kirsten Maxwell from Multigenerational Vacations

There are plenty of treats to eat while wandering Paris streets. Macarons and eclairs come to mind, but the one we recommend most of all are the waffles from Le Comptoir Belge. There are three different stores throughout the city, one on Rue des Martyrs, one on Rue Mouffetard, and another on Rue de Passy. During our one week stay, we ate at Le Comptoir Belge three times as shops are easily located on main tourist walking routes. 

Each waffle is made to order, and it’s worth the wait. Made of brioche and puff pastry, the original waffle is covered in beads of pearl sugar. This alone is enough to melt in your mouth, but there are other flavors that are just as delicious.

Favorites include the Salted Butter Caramel, a waffle drizzled with caramel sauce, topped with sea salt and toffee bits, and the Total Belgian, a chocolate-filled waffle covered with homemade whipped cream and Speculoos cookie crumbles.

There are other waffle combinations available, and even seasonal waffles topped with the fruit of the season. Nothing compares to a waffle hot off the griddle, and the smell of it cooking while you wait is mouth-watering.
If you are in Paris, be sure to make time for these waffles, you won’t regret it. They are the ultimate Paris food to eat during your trip.

Gluten free King’s Cake

Lucile of

King’s Cake is a major winter tradition in France that comes with a few quirks. A small trinket is hidden inside the cake and who finds it is King or Queen for a day. Before you get to taste the delicious Frangipane almond filling, a few rules need to be followed to make sure everyone gets equal chances at finding the prize: the youngest of the group needs to go under the table and gets to choose who gets which slice while someone points at them with a knife.

In Paris, my favorite place for King’s Cake is also the healthiest one: Chambelland is an organic gluten-free bakery hidden in a cute square in the hip eleventh district. Their King’s Cake is one of their best gluten-free creations, as it is very moist and has a strong almond taste. It is very different from the other King’s Cake that you can try in Paris: most of them are either a round brioche with dried fruits or Frangipane with flaky dough. I love going to this bakery as they have a typically Parisian terrace which is an ideal place to chill with friends or a good book.

King’s day is on January 6th but you can find King’s Cake from late December to late February (or even later if you’re lucky!) in Paris. If you happen to be in the city around these days, don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate this event with your friends and eat a delicious cake.

Hungry For Parisian Food?

I hope this list has made you hungry for all the Paris food. What is your favorite Parisian food that we must try? Do you have further recommendations to add to our list? All these Paris foods have made me extremely hungry and have me craving a croissant or two.

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Must eat food in paris
Must eat food in paris
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food in paris

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