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Squeaky Clean With Pametan Natural Skin Care

With the Canada Day long weekend here, it is a wonderful time to showcase some great Canadian brands.  I try to purchase natural skincare products whenever possible. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put into your body.  Pametan natural skincare products are made with only the best, organic ingredients.  Although Pametan is a Canadian, homegrown brand, the name Pametan is Croatian for smart.

pametan natural skincare

Why Pametan Natural Skincare

Pametan Care products are handcrafted, cold processed soaps using luxurious ingredients.  They are crafted with no preservatives, are chemical-free, no artificial colors as well as fragrance-free.

pametan natural skincare

Pametan Natural Skincare – Morning Grind

pametan natural skincare

Morning Grind uses the same recipe as Hops in the Shower, which creates a creamy moisturizing lather. With 11% Cocoa Butter, plus a Super Fat of 8%, this bar is a moisturizing perfection; you can feel it in the bubbles. Coffee is full of antioxidants and it also produces a harder bar.

This Bar is made from 100% organic oils.

Pametan Natural Skincare – The Only Olive Soap Bar

pametan natural skincare

Formally known as a Castile recipe, this bar uses only olive oil, lye, and water to make soap.

Castile soap isn’t generally known for its bubbles, but you will get a great lather.   This batch was made using the hot process method, so you get a really hard bar, despite the softness of the olive oil.

This recipe uses 100% organic extra virgin olive oil.

Pametan Natural Skincare – Island Cream Soap Bar

pametan natural skincare

Island Cream is a stand-alone recipe formulated with coconut milk instead of water. The coconut cream, plus and 11% super fat in this recipe give moisture galore. Your shower will be your new vacation.

Coconut Milk and Soap

harder bar

moisturizing properties

creamy lather

Pametan Natural Skincare – The Sports Bar

pametan natural skincare

The Sports Bar is a deep cleansing bar for those sticky pores.

Activated Charcoal and Soap

The Sports Bar uses conventional oils in unconventional ratios which creates a creamy moisturizing lather to balance out the cleansing sensation of the activated charcoal. The recipe is made with 22% cocoa butter and superfatted at 7% for a rich perfection of soap.

I love that all of these bars use 100% organic oils.  I am super impressed with all of these soaps.  We usually buy another natural soap brand but I find that my skin feels dry and tight after showering.  With Pametan soaps, I find my skin feels super soft and moist, with no dryness.  My husband has eczema and this soap has helped with his skin condition.

Did I mention that this is a Canadian made soap?

Be sure to visit the Pametan Care website for all the different soaps that they carry.

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