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Travelwifi: TEP Wireless Review (Best International Wifi Hotspot)

If you’re an avid traveler like me, you’ve no doubt been faced with a wifi shortage at some point. Roaming is expensive, and public wifi spots are often overcrowded and slow. Not to mention not very secure.

All of that makes answering emails, uploading Instagram snaps, and video-calling your pets at home extremely hard at times.

But, what if there was a wifi hotspot – portable enough to fit into your pocket and travel with you – providing unlimited and uninterrupted wifi that was all yours?! Wouldn’t that just be a dream come true?

I’m here to tell you that the dream is a reality. Since I’ve found the TEP personal portable wireless device, I can’t remember how I ever lived without it. And since I love to share my valuable finds with all of you, I put together an in-depth review of the best travel wifi solutions for you.

If you travel often and are tired of roaming charges then it's time to get you own international wifi hotspot.  Check out everything you need to know about TEP Wireless for the best travel wifi. Click through to check it out. PIN FOR LATER #travelwifi #travelwifihotspot #travelwifitips #wifi #portablewififortravel #portablewifi

What is the TEP WiFi and Who is Travelwifi?

TEP is a travel wifi hotspot device. The device is also sometimes called a wifi puck, portable wifi hotspot, or wifi for travel. Whatever you call it, it will likely become your new best travel buddy.

It’s slim, lightweight and fits into a pocket or handbag. While it’s switched on, it allows up to 5 devices, which include cell phones, tablets, and laptops, to connect to it and use the internet connection. It offers unlimited internet connection all over the world.

Travelwifi, TEP Wireless, and Sapphire recently joined forces and came together under one roof. Travelwifi offers a global sim card as well, which you use in your smartphone to be able to enjoy staying connected on the move.

Sapphire is the company where you’ll buy all of your data from. There is an app to download for free, and all data is sold prepaid, so you can buy as you need.

How Does The International Hotspot Work?

A portable wifi device offering an uninterrupted connection to the internet may seem like it’s been crafted by a wizard, but it’s not quite as magical as it seems.

The device uses data networks from signal towers to send wifi coverage to you. So you can find portable hotspots wherever you go.

TEP’s international pocket wifi makes use of patented virtual SIM technology to connect the device to a host of different networks globally.

The device charges using a USB-connected charger, and a full charge will give you around 6 hours of wifi on the move. You can pop the device into your bag, or pocket, and it will stay connected to your phone as long as there is a signal.

Data is bought using the Sapphire. You pay for a day of data and have unlimited internet. For example, if you buy 1GB of data and use it up, you can continue using the internet at a slower speed, or top it up.

instant messaging using wireless connection

How to get your own TEPPY

If you’re convinced and need to get your hands on a TEP personal travel wifi hotspot, you’re in luck. It’s such a simple process, and they’ve given us options, too.

So whether you’re looking to use this device for just a few days, or want to keep your very own one, here’s where and how to find them.

Buy or rent your Teppy now and enjoy easy-to-use pocket wifi in Europe, Asia, and all over the world.

Rent a Device

You can rent a Teppy, at a daily rate. The Teppy is sent to you to enjoy for an agreed amount of days. You then travel with the device and use it as needed. Then, once your trip is over, you simply send the device back via post.

This option works well for someone who is going on a once-off trip and wants to stay connected. It’s also a great way to test-run the Teppy, and decide if you’d like to buy it in the future.

It’s important to note that while most shipping is free, there is usually a cost to ship the device back. If you’re renting, you’ll also need to be sure that you have it delivered within sufficient time before you leave on your trip.

Buying Your TEP Portable Wifi

If you’re constantly on the road, it’s probably more economical to purchase the device off the bat. It’s a bit of a higher price (which we’ll get into further down) but the cost is once-off and the Teppy will last you years.

Delivery is the same as with TEPs rentals, you can have it posted to you anywhere in the world. The only difference is that you won’t have to return it once you’re back home.

It may seem like quite a commitment, but for many, it’s well worth it. Purchasing your own Teppy means you’ll have one to take with you on any spontaneous trips. You won’t have to worry about shipping the device back and it’ll be available for all of your future trips.

What’s Included with the Teppy?

Whether you buy or rent the Teppy, when it’s sent to you, you’ll get:

  • A handy travel pouch
  • A universal charger
  • The slim and lightweight Teppy
  • A user guide

A wifi name and password can be found on the back of the Teppy, which allows you to connect.

public wifi hotspot

Benefits of the TEP Wireless Device

I doubt you’ll meet a traveler who has used or owned a Teppy and wasn’t satisfied with this handy, portable internet connection. There are so many reasons why it’s exactly what you need to stay connected during your next adventure.

Here are the top benefits of traveling with the TEP Wireless pocket wifi:

  • Stay connected wherever you go in the world
  • Avoid hefty roaming charges
  • No need to share spotty public wifi hotspots that aren’t always safe
  • Connect and share your wifi with up to 5 devices
  • Enjoy wifi that reaches a 50ft radius around the Teppy
  • You get a secure password so no one can use your wifi without permission
  • Access to fast 4G LTE connection on the go
  • Connect to a range of devices – from your smartphone to your gaming console
  • Get access to a free VOIP call app
  • Purchase pay-as-you-go data and control your spend
  • Use a safe & secure connection
  • Get 6 – 12 hours of battery life on one charge
  • Use an allocated 4G internet daily, and unlimited 2G internet once that is used up

Costs Of The Teppy Wifi Portable Hotspot

How much is this traveling wifi going to cost you? Good question. The prices vary according to your destination and there is a range of data options to suit your budget and needs.

Option 1: Rent

Renting the Teppy can cost anything from USD $5.95 to USD $12.95 per day. The cost will depend on your location and how much data you need. You’ll also need to take into account the cost of shipping the Teppy back, as I mentioned earlier. This varies for different locations.

Option 2: Buying

To buy the Teppy, you’ll pay a once-off price of USD $149. With that, you get 1GB of data free to start you off. You then buy your data daily which comes at varying prices according to where you’re traveling to.

Daily Wifi

If you buy your Teppy, you’ll need to buy your data plan as well. Depending on where you’re traveling and how much data you need per day, you’ll pay between USD $5 and USD $13 each day, much like the renting option.

There are 3 main data plans:

  1. Adventure – cheapest with 1GB data for the day
  2. Escape – mid-range offering 2GB – 5GB per day (depending on your location)
  3. Voyage – most expensive, provides 3GB – unlimited data per day (depending on your location).

All data is 4G speed, and you’ll find the cheapest data rates while traveling in the UK.

Is The TEP Portable Wifi International?

Essentially, TEP Wireless is accessible internationally. However, there is a range of device types, some of which are location-specific.

You can get ones that are destination specific. These include Europe, Asia, South America, and Oceania.

These will only work while you’re in these destinations. So, if you have the South American Teppy, you’ll only be able to use that in South America.

However, those who travel often, and are constantly finding new places to visit, should purchase the global Teppy. This gives you wifi connection in ±130 countries worldwide.

Places the Teppy Won’t Work

Unfortunately, your wifi hotspot device will only work if there is a data network signal. So remote places will likely not offer very good coverage.

For example, cruise ships are also often not covered by Teppy networks, at least not while they’re out at sea.

using the teppy for Google Maps

TEP Wifi Uses & Limitations

The Teppy uses local data signal towers, so the speed of your connection depends on the strength of that signal. One of the great things about Teppy is that the connection hardly wavers even while you’re moving. So emails in the taxi and social media check-ins on trains through Europe are completely possible.

Much of our modern-day lives are online. From finding directions to ordering food and planning our days. Apps, browsers, and even messaging plays a large role in our everyday schedules. Often even more so while traveling. That’s why it’s so handy to have a Teppy to take with you.

The device works perfectly for:

  • Messaging over Skype, Whatsapp, and Instant Messaging
  • Video and data calls (on Skype and Whatsapp)
  • Browsing the internet
  • Scrolling, liking, and commenting on social media
  • Uploading images and videos on your social platforms (although this may be slow)
  • Emails
  • Google Maps
  • Using apps like Uber, etc.

The device is not designed for:

  • Cell calls or SMS messaging
  • Live streaming (this will be quite slow)
  • Downloading or streaming movies, etc.

Who is the TEP International Mobile Hotspot For?

This handy device could honestly make anyone’s life easier. There are many reasons you may need wifi on the go. Whether you’re looking up transport schedules or keeping in touch with family at home.

If you’re a travel blogger, a wifi connection is even more valuable. Business travelers will also find having their own personal and portable wifi a game-changer when trying to deal with emails and work on the road.

The only time a TEP device wouldn’t be good is for those who are after a tech-free retreat. Or if you’re traveling to a place without Travelwifi coverage. But for everyone else, this is a wise decision.

bloggers working with portable wifi

Travelwifi Extras

If portable wifi for travel isn’t enough to sell you, here are a few other things that Travelwifi offers you.


This app can be downloaded onto any phone, from the Apple or Play stores. It allows you to call and message numbers all around the globe using just a wifi connection. This is a great way to keep in touch with family back home or to plan ahead with friends that you’re traveling to meet up with.


This is an emergency service that is fantastic for solo travelers. It works with SMS notifications, and checks in on you while you’re on a trip. If you don’t answer the check-in message, the service sends an alert to your emergency contacts to let them know you may be in trouble.

Local Concierge

This connects you to a local resident who is able and willing to share insights, advice, and itinerary suggestions for the city or town you’re in. You’ll chat with the concierge on your smartphone – for free using your Teppy wifi – and they’ll give you all their top hidden gems and must-see spots.

Overall Review

Having a global wifi hotspot in your pocket is priceless while traveling. Whether you’re a seasoned nomad, country-hopping around the world or simply a holidaymaker looking to explore more having a mobile wifi connection is priceless.

The TEP wireless global hotspot comes in a few fun colors and is packaged in a convenient travel pouch. It’s designed for travelers like you and me and is a great investment. Having portable wifi for international trips is an important item to check off your travel to-do list.

If you’re still on the fence, I’d suggest you consider renting one for your next overseas expedition – and expect to fall in love with it instantly.

Buy or rent your Teppy now and enjoy easy-to-use pocket wifi in Europe, Asia, and all over the world.

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If you travel often and are tired of roaming charges then it's time to get your own international wifi hotspot.  Check out everything you need to know about TEP Wireless for the best travel wifi. Click through to check it out. PIN FOR LATER #travelwifi #travelwifihotspot #travelwifitips #wifi #portablewififortravel #portablewifi
If you travel often and are tired of roaming charges then it's time to get your own international wifi hotspot.  Check out everything you need to know about TEP Wireless for the best travel wifi. Click through to check it out. PIN FOR LATER #travelwifi #travelwifihotspot #travelwifitips #wifi #portablewififortravel #portablewifi
If you travel often and are tired of roaming charges then it's time to get your own international wifi hotspot.  Check out everything you need to know about TEP Wireless for the best travel wifi. Click through to check it out. PIN FOR LATER #travelwifi #travelwifihotspot #travelwifitips #wifi #portablewififortravel #portablewifi

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