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What Do You Think of My Zara Floral Boots 

Okay, these are definitely not winter boots but it’s a good thing we don’t have any snow right now because I’m really digging these Zara boots.  These boots can be a nice pop of colour to any outfit.

Zara always has such cute shoes and booties.  I’m not always sure if I can pull them off but I am getting a little bolder and pushing my limits.  Why not right, it’s fashion.  Fashion is supposed to be fun otherwise we would all be wearing the exact same clothes day in and day out.

I wear a lot of black so these would probably just give my outfits a little kick.  Do you know that black is my favourite colour ( lol) – seriously, I need to wear more colour.  What shade of black should I wear today? lol

What do you think of these boots – how would you wear them?



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