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A Day Trip to La Jolla, California – A Must Travel Destination

How can we visit southern California and not visit La Jolla.  We LOVE La Jolla.  We first visited La Jolla in 2005 for our wedding anniversary.  We loved it so much that we decided to bring our kids to visit in 2008.  It is only about a two hour drive from Palm Springs.  It is well worth the trek.  You have to drive the scenic route from Palm Desert.  The drive is stunning (and a little scary lol) driving through the mountains.  Oh ya, watch out for the Big Horn Sheep – seriously.  We saw two big horn sheep standing at the side of the road – scared the sh*t out of us. lol

When we arrived in La Jolla we walked along the coast and checked out the Coves. The coast is absolutely stunning.  The seals are hilarious.  I can sit and watch them all day.  They are always barking and fighting with each other… is entertaining.  It was amazing to see how close some of the people got to the seals.


[wpvideo bn2X8Kh0]
Okay, the water is not warm enough to go swimming here in the summer never mind in January.  There were people swimming – and they weren’t even wearing wet suits!!  They were making me shiver.

We had lunch at the La Valencia hotel.  We stayed here in 2005.  It is a stunning hotel with amazing views.

[wpvideo Z1tbvBvx]

I had the cauliflower leek soup with the lobster grilled cheese and salad and the Pink Lady cocktail.

This is across the street from the La Valencia hotel. I have a picture of my youngest daughter touching this ball in 2008 so I had to re-enact and send it to her.

After lunch we decided to drive to Hotel del Coronado on Coronado Island.

A little bit of advice.  Do not, I repeat, do not park at the Coronado parking lot if you are just visiting here for a short bit and not buying anything.  There were two signs when we entered the parking lot that were very confusing.  One sign said that parking was $5 for 3 hours.  The other sign said something about parking being $30.  We weren’t even at the hotel for long, maybe about one hour, and ended up paying $30 for parking…….wowza!  Shocking!!  Park on one of the side streets and walk to the hotel.  I hope I just saved you $30US in parking – that’s like $40 Canadian. OMG I almost fainted.

We decided to head back to Palm Springs.  The mountains are stunning – it is a very scenic drive.


[wpvideo 5PZbPq5I]
Until tomorrow…..good night.




Wednesday 4th of January 2017

Beautiful. And the La Valencia hotel is absolutely stunning, it definitely has a personality ❤

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