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The Breakers Seafood Bar Palm Beach

One of the most iconic hotels in Palm Beach is called the Breakers Hotel Palm Beach and one of the finest seafood restaurants in all of Palm Beach is located inside this hotel. The newly redesigned Breakers Seafood Bar is absolutely stunning.

Breakers Seafood Bar

The restaurant’s new modern design is very welcoming. Stepping inside The Seafood Bar at the Breakers felt like stepping into a luxurious and inviting yacht. The warm wood tones and navy marine colors highlight the amazing glass wall view of the ocean and that is where we chose our table for lunch.

The Breakers seafood Bar Palm Beach

The Breakers Seafood Bar Palm Beach

The Breakers Seafood Bar Palm Beach

Breakers Menu

The Breakers Seafood Bar Palm BeachThe Breakers Seafood Bar Palm Beach


The detailed menu is obviously seafood rich but there are also many other fine meat and veg selections. Our waiter made it very easy for us to choose what this place is famous for: the finest and probably the freshest possible seafood in the area.  One thing we were so looking forward to and everyone should try while in Florida is the stone crab which is in season only a few short months a year.  Our mixed seafood tray arrived and the best thing about it was each crab claw was perfectly cracked so you can very easily pull out the very succulent and sweet crab meat. We consider the perfectly prepared crab here the best we have ever had and most regular patrons agree. Along with the east coast oysters and local clams, it just doesn’t get any better for an appetizer!  The seafood bar at the Breakers is amazing.

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The Breakers Seafood Bar Mains

For the main course, our waiter suggested 3 fabulous fish choices which in their freshness and preparation were perfection.

The Breakers Seafood Bar Palm Beach

I enjoyed the sushi grade Tuna special.  This was the most delicious tuna I have ever had.  The tuna was lightly grilled to perfection.  It was so flaky and buttery.

The Breakers Seafood Bar Palm Beach

My husband enjoyed the Pompano fish special. Pompano fish is a white, flavourful fish.

The Breakers Seafood Bar Palm Beach

The Seafood Linguine was nothing short of spectacular with clams, lobster, crab, scallops, and shrimp in a “Cioppino” style sauce.

The Breakers Seafood Bar Dessert

The Breakers Seafood Bar Palm Beach

The considerable detail and thought are evident in each dish which is what made ordering dessert so hard.  Our waiter convinced us the only way was to order each of the four desserts and so we did.  We indulged in the Tres Leche with assorted berries, Banana Cream Pie with Bourbon Caramel, Heath Bar, and whipped cream, The Breakers original Key Lime Pie and the Ultimate Baked Brownie Sundae with Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream with Creme Anglaise.  To pick a favorite was so hard but we all agreed that the Tres Leche was the clear winner and the other 3 tied for second place.  Honestly, no matter what you try you will not regret it.

The Seafood Bar at the Breakers is, without a doubt, one of those must go places while in Palm Beach. That combination of amazing ocean views, excellent service and the best seafood around makes this a very special place for fine dining any time of day.

Thank you so much to the Breakers Seafood Bar for a wonderful lunch.

The Seafood Bar
One South County Road
Palm Beach, FL 33480

The Breakers Seafood Bar Palm Beach

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