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I Woke Up Like This Thanks to Dry Shampoo

I have been trying out a few different dry shampoo brands.  As you know, I really enjoy the Klorane dry shampoo.  I was walking through The Bay at Sherway Gardens and came across the Locks and Mane counter.  I saw that they sell a dry shampoo.  They told me it was their best seller.  After one smell I thought I would buy it and give it a try.  It pretty much smells like candy.

On their website Locks and Mane indicates that the #iwokeuplikethis Dry Shampoo is the perfect quick fix between washes keeping your locks looking fresh and flawless.

I have tried this dry shampoo a couple of times and it does give my hair that extra body it needs in between washes.

The only tricky thing is that it comes in a powder form so you have to sprinkle it on your hair.  It seems pretty easy but just a little tip – get dressed after using the dry shampoo.  If black is your go to colour in your wardrobe then you will want to get dressed first otherwise your clothes may get a little bit of a dusting.

Oh, and if you have dark hair like me… may want to take it easy on the sprinkles of dry shampoo.    A little too much and it may appear that you have gone pre-maturely grey, but that is like most dry shampoos.

Whenever I use this dry shampoo my husband always asks if I did something different with my hair as it seems to have more volume.  If I don’t use this, or any dry shampoo on day two of not washing my hair, my hair will pretty much look like an oil slick and so flat that it sticks to my head.

Overall, this dry shampoo smells great and does give my hair a lot of needed volume in between shampoos.  It being in a powder form isn’t as convenient as a spray and I wish it came in a darker shade for us brunettes.  I will definitely keep using this as the pros certainly out weigh the cons.

Do you use a dry shampoo? Is it a spray or a powder shampoo?

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