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Thursday Plantation Essential Oils Winter Rescue Kit

I was so excited when the Thursday Plantation Winter Rescue Kit arrived.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am really into natural/alternative medicines and therapies.  I love essential oils for so many different uses.  It came in a cute first aid kit.

Essential oils are great for relieving skin abrasions to restoring radiant, healthy-looking skin, to a natural household disinfectant.

Thursday Plantation believes in the pure power of plant oils to restore your skin. Their products do not contain synthetic parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), or harsh detergents. All of our their products are also free from animal testing.

The Winter Rescue Kit contains Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil.


The Lavender Oil is a 100% Pure Natural Calming Therapeutic Oil.  I love using lavender oil when I feel like I am stressed and I need to relax.  A few ways I enjoy using lavender oil:


  • Add a few drops to my bath
  • Add a few drops in my nebulizer so the lavender infuses in the air
  • Place a drop in my palm and rub my hands together and  inhale the scent
  • Add lavender oil to your favorite unscented moisturizer
  • Add a drop of lavender oil to a face cloth and leave it by your bedside


Tea Tree Oil is a wonderful antiseptic. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is distilled from specially selected Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, a plant native to the coastal regions of northern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland, Australia.  My family has been using tea tree oil for years now and is the go-to oil for any acne breakouts.  Tree tree oil is great for:


  • Apply a drop or two to a q-tip and apply to acne
  • apply to cuts, bites, and stings
  • It kills 99.9% of household germs so it is great to add to natural household cleansers


Eucalyptus oil is wonderful if you have a cold and are all stuffed up.  It can be used in the following ways:


  • steam inhalation to help clear sinuses
  • direct inhalation from a tissue
  • added to a bath
  • make a natural household cleaner by adding 10-30 drops to distilled water
  • add a few drops of oil to coconut oil for a natural DIY vapor rub
  • It is wonderful in a diffuser


Remember to not use essential oils undiluted as they are extremely strong and pure and can burn your skin.  Add pure essential oils to a carrier oil such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, or even an unscented moisturizer.


There are 100’s of uses for Thursday Plantation essential oils.

Thursday Plantation products are available at the Walmart, Rexall, Whole Foods Market, Goodness Me, The Big Carrot, most Loblaws Supermarkets, and many independent health food stores throughout Canada.

Natural Household Cleanser

1 cup distilled white vinegar

1 cup water

10-30 drops of tree tea or eucalyptus oil

add to spray bottle and shake


Do you use essential oils?  What are your favorites?




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