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Tieks Shoes Review

What is all the hype with Oprah’s beloved flats? Tieks shoes made it to Oprah’s O List as her favorite ballet flat in 2012. Ever since then, they have been the “got to have flats” with a considerable following. Tieks shoes have been named the most versatile flats in the world. I have read many different Tieks reviews and they are mostly positive reviews.

The one thing that immediately caught my eye is that they are foldable flats making them great for traveling. This is a definite plus as shoes take up most of my suitcase space. Having great flats that aren’t going to make your toes bleed is a must when traveling. The cushioned sole makes them comfortable, and I always get questions on the stylish blue sole.

If you are traveling in Europe and think you are going to wear your fancy heels on those cobblestone streets, think again. Trust me, don’t do it! Not only is it difficult to walk in heels on cobblestone, but it can be downright dangerous. The smooth cobblestones are quite slippery…… one wants a twisted ankle while on vacation.

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tieks shoe review

Tieks Shoes Review – Everything You Need to Know

I received my first pair of Tieks to try out during my travels. I decided to keep it neutral and order the classic leather Tiek shoes in taupe as they would go with everything, although a neutral color, the pop of blue is what stands out. I got to wear them for a while so now I think I can properly review Tieks.

The classic Tiek shoes are made with 100% premium Italian soft leather, with a non-elasticized cushion back and turquoise blue non-skid rubber soles with a cushioned instep. They come in so many pretty colors.

All Tieks come with a foldable nylon reusable tote in their signature Tiek blue color. It is the perfect back to carry your shoes in. The Tieks shoes also come with a Tieks custom shoe pouch making them ideal for travel. The Tiek shoes easily compress in the pouch, making it convenient for packing.

Check the Tieks website for other super cute colors.

 Tieks Shoes Sizing

Tieks shoes blue sole

Tieks shoes only come in whole sizes and run pretty true to size. I was told that you could go up or down in size, but I would recommend going up as no one wants squished toes. I usually wear a 7.5 or 8, depending on the style. I went with the size 8, and they fit perfectly.   

If you do order the wrong size, don’t worry. Tieks offers an excellent exchange policy so you can find your perfect fit.

Tieks shoes arrive in a gorgeous teal blue box with a daisy. The cutest packing ever.

Are Tieks Shoes Comfortable

Tieks shoes are one of the most comfortable pair of flat shoes that I have owned. They perfectly mold to your feet. I love that they have a cushioned rubber sole that gives more comfort and support when walking around all day. The leather stretches and molds to your feet. They also have an elasticized backing at the heel, so no slipping.

 Not only are they comfortable, but they look good. They come in many different colors and patterns and you can even order vegan Tieks shoes. These shoes go great with a pair of jeans or dressed up with a dress. Even when I am wearing heels, I keep my Tieks in my bag as there is no way I am wearing heels all day.

I have owned a pair of Tory Burch flats that I loved but were not all that comfortable. They quickly lost their shape and ended up slipping off my feet.

Do Tieks Shoes Have Arch Support

Although Tieks don’t have built-in support for arches, they are designed with an advanced foam cushion for comfortable padding. If you need additional support, they can accommodate orthotic inserts.  They do have a cushioned back for softer support as well as a flexible brown leather midsole. The signature Tiek Blue sole is a non-skid rubber sole.


Are Tieks Shoes Durable

I haven’t owned my Tieks long enough to know how durable they are, but I will update this post as time goes on. They made it through a few trips. So far they have been incredibly durable. The Tieks shoes are ballerina flats not hiking shoes. Although I felt like I was hiking up hills in Europe. 

Tieks Shoe Colours

Tieks shoes come in a wonderful selection of colors and patterns. I went for the neutral color shoes but now I think it is time to save up for an animal patter Tiek shoe. They offer prints, patents, classics as well as a vegan collection. These vegan ballet flats are made of fabric and synthetic components.

Tieks Shoe Returns

If you ordered the wrong size of Tiek shoes, not to worry. As per the Tieks website, they offer returns or exchanges on unworn Tieks shoes. They will even pay for shipping anywhere in the U.S. for free.

Where can you buy Tieks Shoes

Tieks shoes can only be purchased online. I always get anxious about buying shoes online without trying them on first. Tieks offers a great return or exchange policy, so need to worry. You can purchase your Tieks and if you are not happy with them for whatever reason, they will gladly return or exchange your unworn shoes.

Tieks shoe Reviews

I have read several Tieks reviews online, and most people love Tieks shoes and are Tieks die-hard fans. From most of the reviews and fans on Instagram, it seems like people are addicted to shoes and have several different colors.

Are Tieks By Gavrieli Shoes Worth the Price 

If you can find a stylish, comfortable folding shoe for a lower price, then go for it. I have personally spent $100’s of dollars on flats that weren’t as comfortable. It comes down to your taste, your budget, and if the shoe is right for you.

Do Tieks Shoes Go On Sale?

Most people wonder why are Tieks so expensive and if they will ever go on sale. The only place you can purchase Tieks shoes is from the Tieks website. Unless you find someone selling their used Tieks shoes on eBay or another website. I am not aware of Tieks shoes ever going on sale. I know what you’re thinking, are Tieks shoes worth it?

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