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Vichy Idealia Corrective Skincare

You already know that I love trying out different skincare products (I love chocolate and wine too).  I have tried some other Vichy skincare products and am very fond of this brand.

It isn’t just too much sun that causes aging skin.  Your lifestyle plays a huge role in how your skin looks and feels.  In your 20’s you probably didn’t even think twice about those few extra cocktails, late nights out and not drinking enough water.  Who thought this could affect the way our skin looks.  Now in your 30’s you realize that lack of sleep, dehydration, stress and the environment play a huge role in how your skin looks and feels.  Vichy has a new glycolic product that is going to bring life back into your skin.

I don’t know anyone that isn’t worried about fine lines, visible pores and a dull complexion. These are all the first signs of aging.

Vichy Idealia

Night peeling with a glycolic acid product will help reveal a radiant, more even complexion by morning. It is gentle and effective and suitable for daily use.

IDÉALIA Radiance Activating Night Peeling Care

The Idealia glycolic acid eliminates the excess dead skin cells and stimulates skin regeneration to  help reactivate glowing skin.  It has 4% glycolic acid and 5% HEPES that helps to gently exfoliate the skin.  You will wake up with glowing skin.

Vichy Idealia

The Formula

A peeling action [Glycolic Acid + Hepes] has been combined with the extracts of Fermented Black Tea and Blueberry containing Polyphenols, as well as Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water.

Blueberry Polyphenols – Rich in antioxidant molecules, polyphenols counteract the effects of oxidative stress.

Kombucha Tea Extract – Known as the ‘tea of immorality’ in Ancient China, Kombucha is obtained from black tea through a double fermentation process and works to prevent structural disruptions by its anti-glycation action helping to restore skin quality.

Hepes – An active ingredient that works as an exfoliating agent stimulating the desquamation enzymes found naturally in the skin.

Glycolic Acid – Also works to gently exfoliate the skin to improve the skin’s softness, brightness and luminosity.

Vichy Mineralising Thermal Water – Enriched with 15 minerals and clinically proven to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and help accelerate surface skin cell renewal.

To use the Vichy Idealia Peeling simply apply the liquid to a cotton pad and gently sweep the pad across the face and neck at night after cleansing. The consistency is like a toner. The bottle has a plastic stopper to control how much product is dispensed which really helps to use only what is needed. I really love the deep cranberry coloured glass bottle of the Idealia Peeling which looks and feels very luxurious.  The liquid has a lovely berry scent.

I love glycolic facial products as I find my skin is so much brighter and smoother when I use them.  I can immediately see and feel the difference with this product.  I also find that if I have a breakout (yes, I still get the occasional pimple) that the Idealia peeling helps it disappears.

Have you had a chance to try the Idealia peeling yet? Have you tried any other glycolic products?



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