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The Best Day Trips From Paris

Paris is known for its iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral as well as the designer boutiques and the endless number of cafes. While in Paris you may want to venture out and take some incredible day trips from Paris.

You’ll have so much to do when in Paris and likely not want to leave. If you are heading to Paris and have some extra days to venture out of the city and discover some nearby attractions then these day trips from Paris will offer you some great ideas to escape the city. I fell in love with some of the beautiful towns in France.

After taking in all the Paris landmarks and enjoying all the food in Paris, take some extra time to explore the French countryside as well as nearby surrounding countries. Don’t forget to visit some of the beautiful castles in France that you should add to your bucket list.

You can get around France with ease using public transportation. Let’s take a look at some of the best day trips from Paris to add to your Paris trip. Make sure to be mindful of things not to do in Paris.

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Best Day Trips From Paris You Shouldn’t Miss

Day trips from Paris


Day Trips From Paris to Versailles

Day trip from Paris - Paris to Versailles

Claudia Tavani of My Adventures Across the World

There is little doubt that Versailles is the best place to go for a day trip from Paris, and possibly the easiest one to reach.

Once a hunting lodge, Versailles was enlarged and turned into the court upon wishes of King Louis XIV, who wanted a place that would glorify his person and thought that by keeping courtiers all in one place he’d manage to control them and avoid treachery. Between 1682 and 1789 Versailles acted as a royal residence, court residence and seat of the French government.

In the second half of the 18th century, Versailles became the symbol of the many extravagancies of the noble class of Paris and France, and especially of those of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, whose lavish lifestyle was at odds with the daily struggle of the majority of French people.

The castle is vast, with beautifully adorned rooms – think paintings, statues and unique furniture (though most of the exhibit is copies: the originals are kept at the Louvre). The most famous room is by far the Hall of Mirrors.

The park that surrounds the castle is immense, with gorgeous fountains scattered around.

Not far from the castle there is the Trianon Estate, with the Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon. The first was the residence of Napoleon, whereas the second was Marie Antoinette’s retreat from the court.

Versailles is located 16 Km southwest of Paris, from where it can be easily reached by train or RER. Visits can take up an entire day, especially if you want to enjoy the Palace, the Gardens and the Trianon Estate. It is best to book timed entry Versailles tickets in advance, for the lines to get in are usually very long. Ticket prices vary. Tickets for the palace and the garden cost €18; Trianon costs €12. Passport tickets – which are combined tickets that allow entry to both places – cost €20 for a one day pass.

Once in Versailles, you have the option of exploring the park on foot, by bike or by electric car. There even is a train on wheels connecting Versailles Palace to Trianon Estate.

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Day Trips From Paris to Loire Valley

best day trips from Paris

Kat Weiss of World Wide Honeymoon

When it comes to finding the perfect day trip from Paris, a combination of castles and wine is pretty ideal. My husband and I spent 4 days in Paris last summer, and we spent months deciding on a unique day trip to take during our time there. Once we stumbled upon the Fairytale Loire Castles, Wine Tasting, and Lunch tour from City Wonders, we knew we had found a winner. 

Not only do they handle all of the transportation, but also the tour itself included entrance to 3 unique castles, wine tastings at 2 of the castles, and lunch. So while you could certainly rent a car and do this yourself, I highly recommend taking a tour and letting them handle it for you. 

The day is an early one where you depart Paris around 7:30 am, as it is a little over 2 hours to get to the Loire Valley from Paris. But it is so worth it once you pull up to the most beautiful chateau: Chateau de Chambord. Known as the castle that inspired Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, this elaborate chateau is what fairytale dreams are made of with winding staircases, elaborate gardens, and stellar views. 

Once you’ve explored this chateau, it is off to a smaller castle that is still privately owned: Chateau de Nitray. It is at this 700+-year-old castle that you will be guided on a wine tasting, served a delicious French country lunch, and then shown around the most adorable estate complete with horses, vineyards, and a lovely courtyard.

And to wrap up the Loire Valley, you’ll visit the most romantic castle: Chateau de Chenonceau. Also known as the “Lady Castle” this chateau has been passed down to many notable ladies in history including Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de’ Medici. This chateau, where you can also participate in a wine tasting, is full of stunning gardens and the chateau itself is built over the River Cher. It is a truly dreamy place. 

While this is a long day trip from Paris of around 12.5 hours, I absolutely loved this tour as a chance to see another wine region of France as well as the opportunity to visit some famous French chateaus. 

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Day Trip From Paris to Ghent

Paris to Ghent

Babs of Next Stop Belgium

The great thing about Europe is that many sights and highlights are only a couple of hours apart. From Paris, you can easily visit tons of destinations on a day trip. Hopping over the border into Belgium is one of those options. 

Just a little train ride away from Paris you can find Ghent – Europe’s most underrated tourist city. Most people visiting Belgium will make a stop in Brussels and Bruges, perhaps take a peek in Antwerp, but not many get to discover the sights of Ghent. 

This city is the perfect combination of history, edge, and charm. With foundations as early as 630, Ghent breathes history wherever you go. Especially the historic center with its cobblestone streets and canals is a lovely place for a stroll. The best part of it all: there’s a castle in (!!) the historic center. 

As a university city, there’s a hip and trendy feeling and many funky restaurants and bars have popped up over the years. We recommend taking a boat tour, visiting Het Gravensteen and having lunch at Balls & Glory, Mosquito Coast or De Superette. Don’t forget to sample some cuberdons (famous local sweets), waffles or do as the locals do and eat some afternoon treats at Julie’s House.

It’s a fairly small city and all the sights are close together, so you can easily walk everywhere you want to go. Public transport is great too if you want to venture a little outside the center (try De Blaarmeersen for sport and beach feeling or Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen for nature).

To reach Ghent from Paris, take a Thalys train to Brussels South and catch a regular intercity train to Ghent. This journey will only take you a little over 2 hours, which would make for a long but great day trip!

Day Trip From Paris to Lille

Day trips from paris

Delahaye of Hues of Delahaye 

Lille is one of France’s more undiscovered cities, but if you are looking for authenticity, art, and culture. Lille is the city to visit.

Located in the beautiful French Flanders, Lille has been ruled by the Flemish, Burgundians, and the Spanish before being conquered by the French. 

Lille is not only big in history but is also known for its art and architecture. Evident in the charming Flemish-inspired old town center. The city’s galleries boast works by Rubens and Manet, and the streets are lined with beautiful cafes and cathedrals. 

The city is compact, and most attractions are within walking distance of each other. There are just a few of the things you can do in Lille on a day trip from Paris. Visit the stunning Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille’s renowned art museums. The Grand Place, a central square in the city, is a great place to grab a coffee and people watch.

The Old Stock Exchange (The Vieille Bourse) building was my favorite. It was constructed in 1652 and is one of Lille’s most architecturally impressive buildings. It is designed with 24 identical houses built around the inner square. 
Pay it an afternoon visit, to catch locals playing chess in the courtyard or browse the second-hand book market, located in the heart of this listed building.

A top pastry restaurant to visit in Lille is Meert Mansion. It is filled with the most mouthwatering pastries. You will not be able to stop at one pastry here.

Day Trip From Paris to La Rochelle

Jay Artale aka Roving Jay

We wanted to explore more of this fabulous country, so boarded a train from Paris Montparnasse to La Rochelle. This coastal city in the southwest of France is a popular weekend destination for Parisiennes, but as it’s less than three hours by train it makes a viable day-trip for independent travelers like us, looking for a day trip with a difference.

La Rochelle is known as the White City because of the white limestone used in the renaissance architecture throughout the town. Even on a dull day, there’s a lightness and luminescence glow to the buildings. During the summer it’s four ports, beaches, and collection of islands off the coast are a popular draw, but we visited La Rochelle out of season. We weren’t blessed with sunshine, but we did get a warm welcome and a relaxed vibe that is so prevalent at seaside destinations.

The heart of the old town consists of rows of arcades dating from the 13th century and half-timbered houses for the 15th and 16th centuries. This area continues to be the thriving shopping hub that it once was, and there’s also a daily market that’s a good spot for fresh oysters. Order the size and quantity you want, and the stallholder will open them up and serve them with lemon. We spent our day wandering around the port area and old town. Window shopping, eating oysters, local cheese and chocolates, and people watching from the little cafes overlooking the harbor.

The train station is in the heart of the town, so everywhere you’d want to explore is within easy reach. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the Paris streets, La Rochelle is a relaxed seaside town that will recharge your batteries. Even out of season there’s so many little cafes, bistros, and shops open, and you have to make time for a walk around their daily farmer’s market. It takes place daily, but the Saturday market is the largest.

Day Trip From Paris to Bruges

Day trips from Paris

Candy Wafford of Where I’ve Been Travel

Bruges, Belgium is a perfect day trip from Paris.  Located only 2 ½ hours away by high-speed train, Bruges will win you over with its medieval charms.  What’s not to love about a place known for chocolate, beer, and fries?

The cobblestone streets, the horse-drawn carriages, and swans floating through the canals winding through the city will make you feel as if you have stepped straight into a fairy tale.  Add stunning architecture, chocolate shops every ten feet, and amazing food and you will quickly see why Bruges is a favorite among travelers.

We started our trip to Bruges Market Square where the city’s Christmas Market was still in full swing.  Our family loved shopping for the stalls of craftspeople and trying Belgian cheese, chocolates, and of course waffles.  A climb up the 366 stairs to the top of the belfry is a popular activity and a great way to burn a few calories from all of the chocolate you will have eaten.

While there are many tours and historic buildings to see including The Church or Our Lady and the Beguinage, we were content to just soak up the laid-back vibe of this quaint city.  Popping in and out of shops, sampling chocolates, and enjoying people watching over a leisurely lunch was a perfect day for our family.  

To get to Bruges from Paris, take a train from Gare du Nord in Paris to Brussels.  Then make a quick change of trains and you’ll find yourself a short walk away from the center of Bruges.  

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From Paris to Le Mont St Michel

Nicky from Above Us Only Skies

The journey from Paris to Le Mont St Michel takes just over four hours by train or car. Which leaves plenty of time to savor the beauty of the Normandy countryside en route. Plenty of tours operate from Paris, but we were able to do it independently using our own car.

Once you’ve set eyes on the magnificent medieval abbey, you’ll quickly understand why it’s one of France’s top tourist attractions. Situated atop a rocky outcrop 600 meters off the mainland, it looks like a floating island at high tide. And when it’s surrounded by mist, as it was when we visited, its appearance is quite ethereal.

Accessed via a long boardwalk, you can stroll to it from the car park in 45 minutes. But what makes the walk worthwhile is the increasingly spectacular view of the “mount” as it gradually reveals itself. Especially when the morning mist gives way to clear sunshine. 

However, if you’re pushed for time, then regular buses also run from the car park (the entrance fee is included in your ticket). 

Once you’ve crossed to the island and entered the village, follow the ramparts to the right. You’ll be rewarded with great views out to sea, or over the mudflats, depending on whether the tide is in or out.  

By continuing your way along the ramparts, you’ll arrive at the abbey, where for an €11 entrance fee you can discover ancient crypts, corridors, and staircases. There’s even a huge wheel that was used to hoist food to the prisoners during the abbey’s time as a prison. Guided tours are available, but we simply collected a free leaflet and wandered around at our own pace.

Exiting the abbey, head down Grand Rue to the village, which is as quaint and quintessentially French as you would imagine it to be. The streets are lined with pretty shops and restaurants, so treat yourself to lunch or grab an ice cream.

And don’t be afraid to just lose yourself in the narrow streets while soaking up the atmosphere of this glorious UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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Day Trip Paris to Giverny France

Day trips from Paris

Jan Wild of Retiring not Shy!

Giverny is located 70 km northwest of Paris, making it an easy and relaxing day trip. Not only is Giverny a pleasant town to wander around, but it is of course also the location of Monet’s famous gardens and his beautiful home. 

We drove but Giverny is also readily accessible by public transport or tours from Paris. To travel by train you catch the SNCF on the Paris-Rouen-Le Havre line from the Saint-Lazare train station to nearby Vernon and then the regular shuttle bus to Giverny. 

Our main reason for visiting Giverny was to see Monet’s beautiful gardens and his home, run by the Foundation-Monet. It is open from April 1st to November 1st from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, with the last admission 5:30 pm. I recommend you plan on at least 2 hours, plus some time to wander in the village.

We were not sure what to expect as we visited in Autumn, but the gardens were still absolutely stunning, and we loved every minute of it. It was for me a real ‘pinch me’ moment and I had tears of gratitude in my eyes to be able to be in the space Claude Monet lived in for 43 years. It is hard to describe in words the impact of seeing Monet’s incredible vision being realized, as well as the inspiration for so much of his art. Add in the fact that he was visited there by so many other great names, and it was truly overwhelming.

After spending a couple of hours wandering through the house and extensive gardens we enjoyed a browse in the gift shop and in the shops in Giverny itself, before having a pleasant lunch in one of the cafes close by.

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Day Trip From Paris to Namur, Belgium

Bhushavali of Travel.Bhushavali

Namur is the capital city of the Wallonia region in Belgium. The best way to head to Namur from Paris is by car and it takes 3.5hrs. While honestly, Namur can be a weekend trip or more, at least a day-trip of this absolutely fascinating little town is needed! Why fascinating? Coz, there’s something for everyone in & around Namur.

If you’re a history buff, head to Namur Citadel. While exploring the castle is free of cost, don’t miss the guided tour of the underground tunnels! It’s so complicated that Napoleon Bonaparte called it the ‘Termite Mound of Europe’!!! The view of the river Meuse from atop the fortifications is just ‘wow’!!!

If you’re adventurous, head to Railbikes of Molignee and Dinant Evasion. Railbiking is something that I’ve never seen or heard-of anywhere! It is basically bikes, but like 2 bikes fused together with a cart in between, that runs on railway tracks!!!! Old railway tracks which lay disused have been repurposed here for this! It’s unbelievable! It’s noisy and crazy! And it’s super awesome….

If you’re romantic, head to Jardin d’Annovie. It looks like a serene garden, filled with several fountains! But then, guess what? All the fountains were built in 18th C & function just by water pressure with absolutely no motors!!! You can spend a whole day exploring the various types of fountains and have lunch at its brasserie!

If you’re with kids, head to Grotte de Han. While watching the animals there is great, the best part is the underground cave tour! It’s crazy! It is several million years old and has stalactites & stalagmites, but the best part is the mind-blowing, incredible, video-mapping (sound & light) show, 100m below the surface, projecting on the Stalactites & Stalagmites!!!! It is fantastic!!!

If you’re relaxing, head to Dinant for a cruise. With the magnificent view of the imposing Dinant Citadel, with the unique Notre Dame Cathedral in front of it and a bridge with installations of 12 colorful saxophones, its quite a thing!!!

We managed to do Railbikes, Jardin d’Annovie and Grotte de Han in 1 day by car. As I said earlier, if you need to see everything listed above and more, you do need more than a day!

Day Trip From Paris to London

Paris to London
Photo by Charles Postiaux on Unsplash

Bruna at Maps ‘N Bags

Oh, London. While the English capital isn’t an obvious day trip from Paris, even if for a day, it is totally worth it.

So after staying in Paris for a couple of days and exploring its romantic streets from Montmartre to the trendy Les Marais, hop on a Paris to London train!

Obviously, you won’t have time to visit most of the major tourist attractions, so keep it a relaxed day.

Stroll along the River Thames, take in the Big Ben Tower, and indulge in fish and chips.

Then head over to one of our favorite pubs in London. My partner and I love to pop in The Craft Beer Co. in Clerkenwell to have a beer or two.

They have a fabulous selection of micro-brewed cask ales from the UK and over 150 bottles and cans from all over the world.

And because the beer scene is so prevalent in the city, you can’t afford to miss a visit to a pub that won plenty of prizes as the best UK and London pub.

If you have some time left, go for a stroll around Notting Hill. It’s a lovely district filled with pastel-colored houses.

To get to London from Paris, take a direct train from Gare du Nord (officially Paris-Nord) to St. Pancras station. This train trip takes about 2h30 to reach the English capital, and one-way tickets start at €42.

London is certainly a great place to be, no matter how long. Be sure to make the most of your day.

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Paris to Fontainebleau

Day trips from paris

Lucile from Lucilehr

Ready to get the most out of your visit to Paris? While there are plenty of places to go to and things to do in this lovely city, there are also scenic views and wonderful escapes in other parts of Northern France, just outside of Paris.

You may have visited the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Versailles, but if you want similar exciting experiences away from the heart of the city, head to Fontainebleau. This small town southeast of Paris has got everything you need to make your day trip spectacular. I’m talking about spacious gardens, art galleries, majestic chapels, nature trails, and Château de Fontainebleau.

Fontainebleau is known for its beautiful castle, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Château de Fontainebleau, which was home to the rulers of France, including Napoleon III. In the castle alone, you can already enjoy activities such as dinghy rides and balloon flights. The bonus is that the chateau is less familiar than Versailles – so it’s less crowded.

What I also love about Fontainebleau is that I can enjoy hiking excursions. The region offers hiking trails in their famous Fontainebleau forest that both locals and foreigners absolutely love. And it’s just perfect if you don’t want to miss out on your fitness routine even when traveling.

You can enjoy other activities such as rock climbing and horse riding. Fancy a picnic? You can also enjoy a picnic day at the park outside the castle – but not the castle gardens.

To get to Fontainebleau, I usually take the train from Gare de Lyon station to Montargis and get off at the Fontainebleau-Avon station. From here, I take the bus to Les Lilas and stop at the Château.

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Day Trip from Paris to Tours, France

day trips from paris

Rosie Julin of Popcuria

Spending time in Tours, France is a worthwhile day trip from Paris as well as a centrally located home base when exploring the Chateaux in the Loire Valley. It’s an hour from Paris by train when you take the TGV.

This charming and culturally rich town is a great destination for all ages. I lived in Tours for three years as a student and cannot recommend it enough. It’s a particularly great city to be a student; there’s plenty to do, but it’s still an affordable option compared to some of France’s larger cities.

Wander the cobblestone streets of Vieux Tours (old Tours), and you’ll see folks from all walks of life gathering in the cafes and bars. Place Plumereau (pronounced like Place Plume by locals) is known for its picturesque half-timbered houses and is a favorite spot for apéro (happy hour) for students, locals, and tourists alike.

Continue your exploring along the banks of the Loire river. During the summer months, locals will spend their evenings enjoying the river banks with a walk or spending time with friends at La Guinguette, a beloved bar along the river banks.

Continue to enjoy Tours’ small shops and restaurants along Rue Colbert as you make your way over to visit the Cathedrale St.-Gatien and museums. Larger commercial stores can be found on Rue National. Tours is a wonderful stop on any trip to France, whether you’re spending a day away from Paris or exploring the beauty of the Loire Valley.

Day Trip From Paris to Disney Land

day trips from paris

Pauline Vergnet from BeeLoved City

Calling all Disney fans for this one!

No trip to Paris would be complete without going to Euro Disney where the magic of Disney will whisk you away!
Located only 1 hour away from central Paris, EuroDisney is the ultimate experience for Disney lovers in Europe. You can access the park by train, via RER line A from Paris city center or via the TGV (high-speed train) from the airport directly!

Disneyland Paris consists of two parks; the Magic Kingdom and Disney Studios. If you’ve been to Disney World in Orlando, you might get a sense of déjà vu and will pick up on the similarities. However, do not let this stop you, as they are also different and unique in their own way.

For me, the best rides in the Magic Kingdom are Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. In Disney Studios, Nemo, Ratatouille and the Tower of Terror are a must-do!

In the evening, head to the Disney Magic Kingdom for the fireworks! It’s beautiful and so worth it!

I’d recommend spending two days in EuroDisney so you get to spend one full day in each park. However, if you can only stay for a day, please note that you will be able to go to both parks. Just plan to get there early and make the best out of the fast passes.

You can book your ticket directly on the Disneyland Paris website. A one day pass starts at € 87.
If you are on a family vacation in Paris, a day trip to Disneyland Paris will be an adventure your kids will remember all their life! The magic of Disney and Paris combined! What else can we ask for!

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Day Trip From Paris to Annecy

Christine Rogador from France Travel Guides

Annecy is known all over France for its fantastic spring views. Tucked in a small corner of France, this gorgeous town is bordered by the cleanest lake in Europe – Lake Annecy. It is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Alps’. The three canals that run through the old town, are lined with trees or flowers or charming pastel-colored buildings.

The entire town explodes in beauty and color during the season, which is just one of the reasons why it’s among the most beautiful towns in France.

Despite not having historic landmarks, there are several things to do in Annecy. We explored the charming old town on our own and enjoyed the view by the canals. The cafes near Palais de l’Ile are a good spot to people-watch or to simply enjoy French coffee and pastries. And if you are into biking, you can appreciate the town more by enjoying the sights while biking around the lake. If budget is not a problem, rent out a boat or a kayak to enjoy the view of Annecy from afar. And if you arrive at the right time – just right after winter – you’d also enjoy the picturesque snowcapped Alps in the background as we did.

How to get from Paris to Annecy:

We rented a car and drove for 4-4.5 hours early in the morning to get here. If you are driving, try to leave by 6 am so you’ll arrive before lunch and have ample time to explore the town.

You can also take a train to Lyon from Paris, then Aix Les Bains and then Annecy. It is actually faster by train but you also have to consider the transfers.

Day trip from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel

paris day trips

Marlo from Along Came an Elephant

The Mont-Saint-Michel is like an amazing magic trick – delightfully mind-boggling and utterly mysterious. There is something incredibly luring about this rock turned church, turned prison, turned abbey. About 6 times a year, the Mont-Saint-Michel performs the best magic trick of all – the otherwise landlocked site bathes in water and turns into its own private island. If you happen to be on the island during this event, you’ll not be able to leave for at least a couple of hours until the water retreats.

When visiting the Mont-Saint-Michel, you’ll walk through the quaint little streets of the ancient city on your climb to the top of the site. The streets are sprinkled with ice cream shops, crêperies and little museums. The piece de resistance is the beautiful abbey at the top. Wonderfully preserved, it provides a glimpse into the fascinating history of one of France’s most famous monuments. 

Looking back from the abbey, you can enjoy sweeping views of the Normandy coastline and appreciate just how remote of a position this used to be in bygone times. The grassy meadows at the base of the Mont-Saint-Michel provide magnificent walking opportunities with fantastic views over the mystical island in the distance. Try to visit in spring or autumn when there are fewer crowds and you can enjoy the narrow streets in reasonable conditions.

Getting there: 

From Paris, you can drive to the Mont St Michel in around four hours and park your car on the mainland in one of the dedicated public parking areas. Special busses operate between the site and parking lots at no extra cost. 

If you are reliant on public transport, the TGV (high-speed train) will take you from Paris’ Gare Montparnasse to Rennes, from where you can take the bus to Mont-Saint-Michel. There are four connections per day and a one-way trip will take about three and a half hours.

Day Trip Paris to Chantilly, France

Day trips from Paris

Elisa from World in Paris

Chantilly makes a great day trip from Paris. This commune in northern France, in the region of Hauts-de-France, can be reached by direct train from Paris Gare du Nord. The train journey only lasts 25 minutes.

Chantilly has a beautiful château, surrounded by splendid French and English gardens with fountains and ponds. The château has an interesting collection of artwork (the second most important in France, only after the Louvre Museum) and a very beautiful library. Chantilly does not see the crowds of Château de Versailles so it is very pleasant to visit the different rooms and halls and walk around in the gardens when the weather is nice.

Chantilly is best known for its horse races. The town hosts two of the most prestigious horse races in France – The ”Prix du Jockey Club” (in May) and the “Prix de Diane” (in June), both combining racing with concerts, presentation of old cars, and parades. Just like in Ascot in the UK, it’s recommended to be dressed formally, with a hat and jacket.

The tradition of horse breeding and horse racing in Chantilly is mainly due to the existence of the Great Stables of the Princes de Condé. This magnificent building was built in the 18th century for the 7th prince de Condé who was passionate about horses. During his life, the Great Stables hosted more than 200 horses and 500 hounds and the prince liked to organize dinners and horse shows under the great dome.

Today part of the Great Stables hosts the Museum of the Horse, while the rest of the building is a very reputed equestrian school where some of the best horses in the world receive daily care and education by a team of highly qualified grooms and riders.

Day Trip From Paris to Colmar

Paris Day Trips

Hannah from Hannah’s Happy Adventures

Colmar is a beautiful town, located in Alsace in Eastern France close to the German border. This place is 100% worth a visit from Paris. it’s a quintessential European town. I loved the amount of color in the town, and I am always more than happy to spend a day in a local French town.

When you arrive, head straight for the old town. Located here you will find ‘Little Venice’ – the most stunning place in Colmar. The traditional homes line the riverfront – and will transport you to a colorful alternative to Venice.

After you have finished in Little Venice, take a stroll through the rest of the town, and visit St Martin’s church. Next up is the covered market hall – my favorite place for lunch in Colmar. They do some great fresh sandwiches and snacks here. There are also some shops to while away your afternoon.

In the evening visit L’un des Sens for dinner. This restaurant serves traditional French food and great wine. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can also visit the L’Entracte Absinthe Bar after, where they also host live music.

If you have more time in Colmar, you can consider hiking or cycling out of Colmar and towards some of the other nearby towns. Think vineyards, mountains and open fields.

It is located just 2 and a half hours by train from Paris to Colmar. It’s the perfect distance for a day trip. I visited this city by public transport, as it’s easy to reach, and once you arrive you can visit everything on foot. However, if you did want to drive, there are numerous car parks available. A tour isn’t necessary to visit this town.

Day Trips From Paris Conclusion

Paris is so magical and one of the top destinations on many people’s bucket lists. There are so many great day trips from Paris to explore the surrounding regions and even countries! I hope these give you some ideas for day trips from Paris when planning your vacation.

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