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Beautiful Quotes About Italy

I’m missing Italy so much. These Italy quotes have me dreaming of visiting Italy again soon. There are so many great quotes about Italy such as quotes on Italian food and general quotes about Italy. These quotes about Italy make great Italy Instagram captions.

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These quotes will inspire you to travel through Italy. Getting lost in the canals of Venice, trying everything lemon in the Amalfi Coast, and eating your way through Rome. Let’s not forget the amazing Italian food. 

Here’s a selection of some of my favorite quotes about Italy. Some of the most motivational quotes are my go-to travel quotes, hiking quotes, and waterfall quotes


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italy quotes
Italian quotes


“The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again.” George Miller

“So… Italian gelato. Take the deliciousness of a regular ice-cream cone, times it by a million, then sprinkle it with crushed-up unicorn horns.” Jenna Evans Welch

“You know, people come to Italy for all sorts of reasons, but when they stay, it’s for the same two things.”   “What?” “Love and gelato. Jenna Evans Welch

“I spent a college semester in a small town in Italy – and that is where I truly tasted food for the first time.”  Alton Brown

“Everything you see I owe to pasta.” Sophia Loren

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” Federico Fellini

“In Italy, food is an expression of love. It is how you show those around you that you care for them. Having a love for food means you also have a love for those you are preparing it for and for yourself.” Joe Bastianich

“As they say in Italy, Italians were eating with a knife and fork when the French were still eating each other. The Medici family had to bring their Tuscan cooks up there so they could make something edible.” Mario Batali

“Italy will always have the best food.” Diane von Furstenberg

“I think people in Italy live their lives better than we do. It’s an older country, and they’ve learned to celebrate dinner and lunch, whereas we sort of eat as quickly as we can to get through it.” George Clooney

Inside views of the Coliseum Rome Italy
quotes about italy
italy quotes
Italian quotes


“Rome will exist as long as the Coliseum does; when the Coliseum falls, so will Rome; when Rome falls, so will the world.” Venerable Bede

“Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning.” Giotto di Bondone

“Rome is not like any other city. It’s a majestic museum, a living room to tiptoe through.” Alberto Sordi

“Rome, the city of visible history.” George Eliot

“To Rome, for everything.” Miguel de Cervantes

“Rome seems a comfort to those with the ambitious soul of an Artist or a Conqueror.” Pietros Maneos

“Methinks I will not die quite happy without having seen something of that Rome.” Sir Walter Scott

“Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city.” Anatole Broyard

“If we could be reborn wherever we chose, how crowded Rome would be, populated by souls who had spent their previous lives longing to inhabit a villa on the Janiculum Hill.” Francine Prose

“Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome.” Robert De Niro

Venice Italy Gondola on Venice Canal
quotes about italy
italy quotes
Italian quotes


“Venetians feel affection and loyalty to their city, rather than to the Italian state.” Donna Leon

“Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water.” Frida Giannini

“The surface of Venice is constantly metamorphosing, and painting Venice is almost like being a restorer, peeling off the layers to find the picture after picture underneath.” Arbit Blatas

“A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him.” Arthur Symons

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” Truman Capote

“This was Venice, the flattering and suspect beauty this city, half fairy tale and half tourist trap, in whose insalubrious air the arts once rankly and voluptuously blossomed, where composers have been inspired to lulling tones of somniferous eroticism.” Thomas Mann

“Venice, it’s temples and palaces did seem like fabrics of enchantment piled to heaven.” Percy Bysshe Shelley

quotes about italy
italy quotes
Italian quotes
Panoramic view of a spring day in the Italian rural landscape.


“It is the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone.” Erica Jon (on Venice)

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.” Anna Akhmatova

“A man who has not been in Italy is always conscious of an inferiority.” Samuel Johnson

“The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo.” Mark Twain

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” Giuseppe Verdi

“Italy and the spring and the first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.” Bertrand Russell

“One of the great joys of traveling through Italy is discovering firsthand that it is, indeed, a dream destination.” Debra Levinson

“Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! There’s no looking at a building after seeing Italy.” Fanny Burney

“How beautiful is sunset, when the glow of Heaven descends upon a land like thee, Thou Paradise of exiles, Italy!” Percy Bysshe Shelley

“A man has not fully lived until he experiences that gentle balmy clime of ancient empires, the land of lemon trees, and the genius of Michelangelo.”  E.A. Bucchianeri

“What is the fatal charm of Italy? What do we find there that can be found nowhere else? I believe it is a certain permission to be human, which other places, other countries, lost long ago.” Erica Jong

“I love places that have an incredible history. I love the Italian way of life. I love the food. I love the people. I love the attitudes of Italians.” Elton John

“Open my heart and you will see Graved inside of it, “Italy.” Robert Browning

“For us to go to Italy and to penetrate into Italy is like a most fascinating act of self-discovery.” D.H. Lawrence

“It’s easy to understand why the most beautiful poems about England in the spring were written by poets living in Italy at the time.” Philip Dunne

“Occasionally she dreams of Italy.  She dreams of cheese shops, persnickety Fiats, and very fine leather goods.” Kate Spade


I hope you love these quotes about Italy as much as I do. Have these quotes about Italy have you dreaming of sitting in a cafe in the Amalfi Coast sipping some limoncello? 


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